Window Replacement: Reasons to Not Do It Yourself

Man Installing New Windows In House

Window replacement is not precisely off-limits to the do-it-yourselfer. If you are just changing a bad unit with an identical one without touching the existing frames, then you might be able to pull it off, avoid spending good money on labor, and pat yourself at the back for a job well done.

But not all window projects are the same. In many cases, you can’t overestimate your ability to replace a heavy glass fixture that contributes to your house’s security, energy efficiency, ventilation, and beauty. Yes, hiring a window and door company in Sudbury is not free, but the service you are paying for is invaluable.

If you are unconvinced that you should seek professional window installation service, consider the following dangers when DIYing such an improvement:

You Might Not Find the Units That Perfectly Fit

The beauty of hiring a full-service window replacement company is the opportunity to buy a made-to-order unit. Precise measurement matters above all. When a replacement window is too big, the opening likely needs to be resized. But when the replacement unit is too small, you may over-rely on caulk to seal excessively wide gaps.

If your window openings are of standard sizes, you might be able to buy new units that can fit in them perfectly more easily. But when you can’t find their perfect match, use professionals for accurate estimation.

You Might Hurt Someone or Damage Something

Modern windows, regardless of their size, are bulky and heavy. Their installation requires more than one person with adequate knowledge of safety practices. Dropping a unit can result in serious injury, significant property damage, or both.

You Are Probably Not Going to Save on Supplies

Proper equipment is a requisite for perfect window replacement. Without the necessary tools to carry the job out, your project is going to be costly.

Also, buying supplies retail is always not financially sound. Professionals can reduce your material costs because they have access to products at wholesale prices.

You Are Likely to Spend More Money

man installing window frames

Messing up the job can double your initial expenses. In the end, assuming that the new off-the-shelf windows you bought are still intact and serviceable after a failed project, you need to hire professionals to correct your mistakes ultimately.

You Need to Pull the Permit Yourself

When your window project involves altering the opening itself to restore the structural integrity of the frame or to meet the latest local egress requirements, a building permit is a must. If you apply for a license, you become answerable to the inspector who ensures that the installation is consistent with the building code.

If your window installation is unpermitted when consent from the authorities is necessary, you might get fined and be forced to redo the work professionally.

You Might Void the Warranty

When a window becomes faulty due to a craft defect, its manufacturer or seller might not honor its warranty. Some shrewd do-it-yourselfers ask a contractor to split the work, but do not expect to receive an artistry guarantee unless the project is done professionally 100%.

A window replacement can be a costly proposition, but it is worth every penny spent when the right company is tapped for the job. Rather than wasting your energy on handling the installation yourself, use your resources to find the most excellent contractor in town.

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