A View to the World: Guidelines on Caring for Windows

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Your windows are an important part of your home. They let natural light in and help you save on HVAC fees on windy days by allowing cooling breezes in. Windows also protect homes from extreme weather.

Filmed windows, for example, prevent extreme heat from entering living rooms in California. Vinyl windows keep the snow out in Utah. Regular window maintenance can prolong the life of your windows. Here’s how to make this possible:

Wipe Regularly

You can do this chore as part of your daily or weekly cleaning routine. Remove soft dirt and dust with a dry cloth and use a non-abrasive scrub to remove the dirt. This can be done until your big clean-up for the month or week.

When that time comes, prepare your tools and liquid solution. A squeegee is best suited for this step. If glass cleaners are not available, prepare a bucket of water mixed with detergent soap to clean your windowpanes. Use the sponge part of the squeegee to spread this soap solution around the glass, and then use the blade to get rid of the excess liquid. Don’t break lines when you use the blade to avoid leaving marks.

Take Care of the Frames

Dirt and dust can be wiped clean from wooden frames with a damp cloth. A brush replaces the cloth and a bucket of water mixed with mild liquid soap for vinyl windows and aluminum frames. Clean the surrounding window components, including the casing and bits of the wall surrounding the window, as well. There’s less chance of your windows jamming or building up dirt if the areas around it are clean.

Get Rid of Stains

Stains are plain ugly to look at. Get rid of them during your heavy cleaning days. The glass cleaning products you use can typically remove these stains, but in some cases, you’ll need something stronger than the usual materials.

Products containing xylene, toluene, and the like can help get rid of heavy stains. Cleaning your windows requires specialized solutions; checking their make and specification is the best way to avoid damage. Make sure you still use gentle applicators, such as sponges, when you apply these products to protect window panes from scratches.

Repaint or Relabel

Repainting window

At this point, you’ve inspected your windows thoroughly enough to know if they need repainting or relabeling. You don’t need to worry much about repainting your window frames unless it’s been more than three or four years. Painting your frames not only restores their look, but it also protects them from adverse weather effects. Clean your windows like you always would. Apply paint evenly and avoid moving window parts to prevent jams.

Protect to Avoid Replacement

Window protection involves sealing gaps around it. Your energy costs would skyrocket if the windows and doors in a room with AC are not properly sealed. Worn rubber seals should be replaced immediately and the gaps should be secured with caulk or spray foam insulation.

It also means protecting your windows from condensation. Check your home’s ventilation and climate control system if you see condensation on your windows. Failure to react to condensation can cause rot and other moisture-related problems in the areas around your windows.

A few hours spent on setting up protection for your windows can prevent you from spending thousands of dollars on future repairs or replacements. So, gather your tools and set upon those improvements. Contact a professional if necessary.

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