5 Ways to Save Space at Home

space-saving room

The average size of the houses that have been built in the past few years range is at 2,400 square feet. While this may seem like a large area, it is better if you do better space utilization so that it will not feel cramped. Read below on how to save space in your house:

1. Experiment with your door systems

You may not realize this, but the traditional hinged doors actually use up a lot of space, which could have been used for other purposes instead. Hinged doors not only need space for itself, but it also requires an area where it can do the entire path of its rotation.

Cavity sliding doors are better because they use less space while also improving accessibility. To make sure that there is proper utilization of space in your house, it is crucial that you have cavity sliding doors in your home.

2. Put your low bookcases behind your sofa

If you are not really happy about the placement of your bookcases in your living room, maybe it is time for you to go for something else. It is best if your bookcases are those that are not really too tall so that you can put them at the back of your sofa.

The great thing about this is the fact that it can be used as a sofa table as well as a bookcase. It is especially great if the color of the bookcase is similar to the sofa.

3. Build a patio or deck

 stylish outdoor kitchen and patio

It is entirely normal for a homeowner to feel like their living room feels cramped. But if you actually want to do something about it, you may want to think about the value a patio or a deck can give to your home.

With a patio or a deck, you will be able to stretch the space in your patio or deck so that the living room feels even more welcoming and comfortable. This can even be improved further if the view outside is stunning.

4. Use the space under the stairs

A lot of homeowners do not really know what to do with the space directly under the stairs. While most houses use it as a cupboard of some sorts, it may be smarter to utilize it as a study area instead.

The area under your stairs is going to be big enough to house two adults who will just study or read their learning materials. If you are lucky, you can even put a computer in there.

5. Put shelves around your windows

Your window is not just going to be a place for you to look at the view outside. It also provides an opportunity for you to better utilize the space in your home.

One of the fantastic ways for you to do this is by putting shelves around your window. The bottom and top shelves can especially accommodate a lot of stuff.

The last thing you want to happen is to have a crowded home. This will not happen if you do the items that are listed above.

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