A Closer Look at Granny Flats

Tiny granny flat

Seniors have a hard time moving around and would prefer having things within their reach. A small space where there is enough room to move around and feel comfortable might seem ironic. But, that is precisely how granny flats came to be.

Over time, these spaces have gained popularity among households in Australia for various purposes. If you are looking for a granny flat builder who can fulfill your plans, then you should opt for experienced ones. But before you push through with the construction, it pays to understand what you are investing in.

What is a granny flat?

Granny flats are self-contained living areas designed for one to two people to live in. It can be attached or detached from the main house. The term gained popularity to accommodate ageing parents. However, over time, it has evolved to be used in different ways like an extra room, storage, and a rental unit.

Because granny flats are considered property in itself albeit the lack of individual document, there are certain standards needed to be fulfilled before it is built. For one, the size of the space where one is going to build the granny flat it should be big enough. Building permits should also be acquired before the start of construction. In some cases, renting granny flats are not allowed. Other areas, however, allow doing so provided there are formal agreements to be made. Despite the seemingly burdensome work of filing for permits and paperwork, a lot of homeowners are looking to using their spaces for granny flats.

What makes granny flats special?

Granny flats are gaining popularity because they are a unit in itself. Most granny flats, despite the small space, have all the basic amenities to survive. There is a toilet, a kitchen, and a bedroom/living room and has its water and electric line. These facilities alone attract students looking for a place to rent, single working people who need a place near work, or couples who are starting their lives together and is looking for something that matches their budget.

On a more personal side, granny flats are enjoyed by most families because it gives them the chance to be close together while at the same time allow themselves to have the privacy that they need. Also, granny flats are known to help increase property value when the time to sell it comes.

What makes it so special? It is convenience and comfort rolled into one.

Are they worth investing in?

Woman calculating money

This is a question a lot of homeowners ask, which a lot of them end up making to. It is essential to understand that building a granny flat requires certain capital. If you have the budget, then you would be able to maximise the value of the space you are investing in.

Some find the extra space more convenient and comfortable. Others, however, opt to further capitalise on their investment and rent the space out.

Now that you know all these about granny flats, you are more than ready to enjoy the investment and new addition to your space.

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