The Golden Years: What Do Seniors Need to Have in the Home?

senior at home

A Good life is essential for older adults, especially during their senior years. The feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction is important to them. This will help them have less stress, more energy, an improved appetite, and less cognitive decline.
Below are a few of the essential ideas to keep in mind to give seniors a better quality of life:

Prevent Trips and Falls

Falls are considered a serious accident for older individuals. These may not only result in injury but may also cause death. Necessary adjustments need to be made, such as the addition of a portable walker with a seat. This will help them walk with ease and convenience. As for the other family members, they will live with peace of mind knowing that there is something that can assist their old family members.

Before that, remove throw rugs from the floors including other items and cords that can cause older family members to trip over. Place the furniture around, so seniors find it easy to navigate the large pathways.

In outdoor spaces, make it sure that the walkways are free from debris and are smooth. Remove the threshold between the rooms, so senior family members will not step over them.

Install More Lighting

home lights

Seniors are known for their poor eyesight. That is why it is essential to install improved lighting. Make sure that every room is well lit. Keep in mind that good lighting can help an older person move around their home safely and securely.

Add some bright lights in stairs and hallways. If possible, put some extra lamps. Make sure that the pathways and outdoors are well-lit as well. Keep the space bright at all times and install motion-sensor lights so your elderly relatives will see where they are going and will not trip or fall on some unseen obstacle.

Renovate the Bathroom

For the elderly, a bathroom is a dangerous place because of the many risks that water and soap present to them. You need to renovate your bathroom to make it safer for people with mobility challenges. Doing so will give your relative a sense of independence.

Install some grab bars in the shower or beside the toilet. This will help them in exiting, standing up, or entering a shower. A bar, a bench, or a tub can also provide support. Non-slip mats or shower chairs can prevent slipping while bathing and showering.

Get Rid of Stairs

Seniors find it difficult to navigate through stairs. This may be due to some problems related to painful and aching joints, balance issues, and more. If you want your home to be more senior-friendly, you need to install stair lifts to make the house accessible to everyone. Better yet, make use of an inclined walkway instead.

The life of a senior can be truly challenging and difficult. It can also be life-changing for any homeowner because it requires making a home that is both comfortable and safe. The changes only need some effort on your part, but the benefits in safety and security are priceless.

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