No Mice, Roaches and Bugs: Getting Rid of Pests in Your Office

Mouse in a cup

Even a seemingly spotless office can harbor pests. Among the most common pests found in office buildings are bugs, roaches, ants and mice. Most of these animals are simply looking for water or food, but others have different motives.

Office pests may seem like only a minor distraction, but there are reasons their presence should raise eyebrows. For one, health professionals have associated some pests with Lyme disease and asthma. Rodents, in particular, can spread a number of ailments, including typhus and food poisoning.

So, no matter the kind of business you have in your workplace, it is paramount for the management, employees and other occupants to take the necessary steps to keep pests away.

Regular Cleaning Routine

The presence of pests in a workplace does not mean that it is the filthiest. A daily cleaning program may be all you need to get rid of termites, spiders, bugs and so on. Wash off stains and dirt spots on floors, walls and furniture. As you dust furniture, apply some disinfectant. If there are carpets or mats, make sure you vacuum them regularly.

Crown it all by sanitizing hand dryers, sinks, toilets, etc. Remember this is an ongoing daily process, so you better prepare a duty roster if you do not have a dedicated office cleaner. On a weekly basis, you can replace and wash curtains, remove debris and dust window seals.

Employee Training

When a pest problem has emerged in the workplace, it is important for management to involve everyone. The best pest control Salt Lake City firms can offer training to employees as part of the package. The employees may need training on issues to do with environment, hotspots and types of pests. With time, the pest control organization can customize the training services even further for the benefit of your company.

Counter Infestation

Rat peeps on a hole

Sometimes, cleaning will not bear any fruits, and you must think of extra action. First, you want to identify the entry points or hiding areas and seal them. Potential areas are holes, plugs, caulk spaces and cabinet crevices. Pools of water are also attractions for some animals, so you need to fix all plumbing leaks. Food should be stored in tightly sealed containers.

Does the problem persist despite these efforts? It might be time to invest in some good pesticide. This will probably disrupt operations, but you can minimize this by applying it over the weekend or during holidays. Insect light traps can be ideal for the office. There are lots of models and designs in the market. For bedbug infestation, vacuum fabrics and surfaces to remove not only the pests themselves but also their eggs and shells.

Various in-house efforts to eradicate pests may fail, but that should not signal the end of the road. Pest control experts are certified for these types of problems for a reason. They have the necessary pesticides, skills and determination to take control of the situation. Hire a pest control firm that not only has referrals, but is also accredited by the relevant government authorities.

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