One of Asia’s Best: 6 Things to Do at the Changi Airport

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Missed your flight? Departure has been delayed, or are you just the type of person who likes to show up three hours ahead of schedule? Whatever the reason, most of us don’t enjoy waiting in an airport. However, imagine if an airport is full of surprises, will you still feel bored?

To cut the chase, there’s no airport in the world like Singapore’s Changi. It is named the world’s best airport at the World Airport Awards for the seventh consecutive year. Additionally, Changi Airport is well-known for its gorgeous structural designs, state-of-the-art facilities, and an abundance of interactive services to the extent that it became recognised as a tourist destination.

Are you planning to visit Singapore? Here’s a word of advice: Before you explore the city, it’s best to experience the attractions of Changi Airport.

Get Sun-kissed at the Airport

Wait. An airport with a swimming pool? Move aside Marina Bay Sands, you’re not the only one with a rooftop pool. That’s right. Changi’s swimming pool and Jacuzzi are located on the rooftop of Terminal 1.

For 17 SGD, you get to enjoy the waters and use the shower facilities. As a plus, there’s a 24-hour bar where you can indulge in festive drinks and snacks if you want to pretend you’re already on a holiday.

Explore the Sunflower Garden

If nature and flowers are your ideas of relaxation, Changi got you covered. Imagine this: There’s actually a sunflower garden in the airport. This is also one attraction not a lot of people know about.

As many people say, sunflowers never fail to brighten up your day, so the next time you are in Changi Airport, do your eyes a favour and drop by the rooftop sunflower garden located at the level three of the departure lounge at Terminal 2.

Watch Movies for Free

Oh, come on, a movie house in an airport? Singapore’s Changi truly knows how to spoil its passengers. This cinematic experience is way different from the usual televised entertainment you can expect in an airport lounge. In fact, this is a full-blown cinema house, showing the latest box office hits and replete with comfy seats. If you want to check this out, just head to Terminal 2 or 3’s Transit area.

Why Walk When you can Slide

Release the inner kid in you and try out Changi’s giant slide. This amazing slide is named to be ‘the world’s tallest slide inside an airport’, and for just 10 SGD, you can ride this incredible feat of randomness. Now, if that doesn’t meet your definition of fun, what does?

Let the Kids Roam the Playgrounds

Adults are not the only ones who will enjoy this amazing airport, the kids have their fair share too. Changi Airport has multiple playgrounds situated in its three terminals. Your children can not only make new friends with other kids, but also run around freely and comfortably — a great way for them to work off their excess energy so you can enjoy a peaceful flight later.

Go for a Fish Spa or a Massage

Massage and spa tools

After all those surprising and tiring activities, we can say that this airport knows the perfect way to finish your itinerary. Go ahead and check out the Fish Spa & Reflexology at Terminal 1 for a pampering quick treat. For those who prefer something more traditional, they also provide a range of massages like foot reflexology, neck and shoulder massage, TCM Tui-Na, Thai yoga massage, and hot stone massage.

Changi Airport is indeed amazing, so the next time you visit Singapore, don’t forget to explore its wonderful attractions.

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