How to Make Your Next Singapore Trip More Budget-Friendly

Make your Singapore Trip More Exciting

Make your Singapore Trip More ExcitingSingapore’s high cost of living has led to the rise of budget hotels and affordable eating spots, among other things, that will let you save money on your next trip to the Garden City.

For instance, buying a Sentosa Merlion ticket ahead of time is one of the simple tricks that will let you stretch your budget. The timing of your vacation will likewise be a significant factor. Those who want to snag discounts on their retail purchase should visit the country in July when the Great Singapore Sale takes place. This month also marks the Singapore Food Festival, which caters to food enthusiasts.

Cheap Accommodation for Backpackers

Capsule hotels have flourished in the city-state since backpacking has become more common. Unlike some countries, the availability of low-cost accommodation options in Singapore is quite limited, especially during peak times. However, the country makes up for it by being among the safest destinations for backpackers.

Little India is one of the good choices for a place to stay, with cheapest rates ranging from S$20 and S$60 per bed on a dormitory room. A single room may cost S$60 each night, whilst you could spend S$100 per night on a double room. Many tourists choose to spend their first and last nights at Changi Airport, due to the schedule of cheap flights that normally occur at night. It could be costly to pay for transportation during this time, so staying at the airport is the best way to save money.

A Better Singapore Trip

Where to Eat

Wet markets and hawker centres are among your best options for affordable dining in Singapore. Chinatown likewise offers some local delicacies without spending a fortune on each meal. The country has strict standards when it comes to food preparation, so tourists should not worry about food safety. You should likewise bring your own chocolate since it is expensive to buy one in Singapore.

The same applies to drinking water. Bring a reusable bottle and fill up on tap water. It is safe and cheaper compared to bottled water. If you want to drink alcoholic beverages, do so on happy hours. The price of alcohol in some pubs could easily cost more than your meal for a day. Female tourists should drink during Wednesdays, as some establishments offer free drinks and entrance for women.

Leisure and Entertainment

Save more money when shopping during the Great Shopping Sale by looking for retail stores that provide tax-free transactions. You could be reimbursed with up to three per cent of your spending if you buy at least $300 worth of items. Show your cheques at the airport to claim the reimbursements.

Some of the recreational centres with no entrance fees include the Singapore Botanical Gardens and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Music lovers should check out the Esplanade outdoor theatre every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, as there are usually free rock concerts during these times.

There are many other ways to save money on your next trip, but it requires some research on your own. Some other tips are obvious, such as booking a flight or buying tickets to entertainment centres as early as possible.

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