Travelling with Kids: Making the Most of Your Singapore Trip

Traveling with your Children

Travelling with children may be in your bucket list. But you have to admit that you are worried about it. You may have heard it from other parents that travelling with kids may not be as positive as you expect. That can be true, especially if you have not planned well and carefully. So, the first order of business should be a detailed and well-prepared plan.

But before anything else, you need to choose a travel destination that is child-friendly. When it comes to this, Singapore would be one of your best options. The country has a lot of places and activities that your little ones will surely enjoy.

Are you planning to visit the country soon? Now is the time to create a good travel plan. If you are in the process of creating your itinerary, let this guide help you. Here are some of the important pointers and destinations that will make your stay in Singapore more memorable:

Visit the Universal Studios

Theme parks are specially designed for children and families. If you are in Singapore, you should visit Sentosa, where you can experience Universal Studios. Your favourite Universal Studios movies come to life and you can even interact with some of the characters. Do not forget the rides.

Travelling with your kids

Marvel at the Wings of Time

While you are in Sentosa, it will be nice if you get your ticket to Wings of Time. The Wings of Time is an award-winning outdoor light show that will surely tickle the imagination of the whole family. It features nightly shows that use colour lasers, water fountains and 3D projections. The use of these three elements make the night skies truly magnificent. Do not forget to bring your camera to capture the moment or take a short video clip of it.

Visit the Flower Dome

Children are all for attractions. So, if you want to expose them to something beautiful and nature-oriented, it would be ideal to take them to the Flower Dome. In 2015, the Guinness World Records hailed this attraction as the biggest glass greenhouse. What’s interesting about the Flower Dome is that its flowers are extremely beautiful.

There are many gardens to visit and marvel at. You can visit the Succulent Garden if you and your children are a fan of succulents. South African, Australian and Mediterranean gardens are likewise worthy of your visit.

ArtScience Museum

If your little ones love science and the application of science to art (and vice versa), you need to take them to the ArtScience Museum. The exteriors may wow you, but what’s inside will surely astound you. Several interactive activities await your kids here.

Walk around Chinatown

Children may hate walking around a lot, but if your kids actually like some cultural trip, you can take them to the Chinatown. There, they will see the Chinese influence present in the Singaporean culture. Try some good food while you are there.

Singapore is synonymous to kid’s fun. So make this your destination for your next vacation.

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