Keep Your Tight Kitchen Space Functional

kitchen close up

When you have a small kitchen, you might assume that it’s hard to cook all those great-tasting dishes. But you don’t have to put up with such a petite room. All it takes is a crafty renovation plan to make the most out of your kitchen.

With the right set DIY skills, proper planning, and the most space-efficient kitchen components such as cupboards, counters, and kitchen cabinets for your Utah home, you can turn that small kitchen into a chef’s haven. Try to incorporate these things into your floor plan.

Put up pegboards on all your walls

When designing a small kitchen, maximize your wall space with space-saving pegboards. Perforated pegboards make your tools more accessible, easier to see, and much easier to clean. Plus, they’re cheaper to build. When you mount them on walls, pegboards let you hang can openers, peelers, graters, pot holders – everything!

Add cubbies around your doorway

Cubbies, which are essentially open shelves, are already a common component in the kitchen, but do you know that you can install them around doorways, too?

The only difference between cubbies and kitchen cabinets is that the former is smaller and less intrusive. Thus, you have more freedom to categorize your kitchen equipment.

Use counter spaces and surfaces

Simply put, everywhere that’s clear, flat, and level is worthy real estate for your extra kitchen equipment. Don’t cram everything into your countertop and kitchen island. Delegate areas such as the top of your refrigerator, the top of your window sill, and the tops of every kitchen cupboard and cabinet.

Put rolling pantries into crannies

Don’t know what to do with those awkward narrow spaces between kitchen counters and appliances? Squeeze in a rolling pantry in there. Even just half a foot of space will do, and it can provide safe ample storage for breakable items.

Plus, rolling pantries can be fitted with power outlets, so you don’t have to struggle to reach one.

Invest in retractable dining tables

dining table set up

If your kitchen doubles as your dining room, then you might want to invest in retractable or folding dining surfaces and chairs. These nifty contraptions can be adjoined into walls or mechanically conjoined so that you can push them together once you’re done to stow them away. With this, your dining room could be anywhere!

Swap bulky items with smart tools

Even as it is now, you’ll be surprised by how much space you can save when you choose the right implements. For example, you can replace large kitchen cabinet knobs that you keep bumping into with recessed handles that glide instead of swivel in one direction. You can also swap that space-hungry knife rack with a magnetic strip. Look at the little things and think about how you can store them better.

Always strive to do more with less

Speaking of smarter storage, if anything can maximize your kitchen space, it’s your cooking rituals. Nowadays, countless tools can do double duty: three-in-one grills, compact multi-purpose blenders, convertible peelers, and so much more. The more things you can do with your kitchen appliances, the better.

Don’t forget to ensure that these multi-purpose appliances are energy-efficient. After all, it’s possible to save both space and money.

Not everyone can have the luxury of a spacious kitchen, but everyone has a say on how much their kitchen can achieve.

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