Common Problems Associated with Commercial Garage doors and their Solutions

As a business owner, you should carry out regular maintenance practices on the garage doors to help increase their lifespan and minimize damages. You can also carry out some minor repairs through DIY projects and leave major ones to professionals. Commercial garage doors face a myriad of problems occasioned by environmental factors as well as human error. Highlighted below are some of the common issues that you are bound to encounter with your commercial garage doors and how to effectively troubleshoot them.

Damages on the Rollers

Garage door rollers play a vital role in facilitating the movement of the doors along the track. These rollers are made from different materials, including nylon, plastic, and metal. The wear and tear on the rollers will depend on the types of material used and the quality of the door. This means that some materials are more susceptible to wear and tear than others. With nylon and plastic rollers you are likely to experience a reduction in the radius of the wheels over time resulting in the popping out off the track due to its small size. As for metallic rollers, you will only have to deal with rust and corrosion since they are less vulnerable. In case you are faced with such an issue, it is advisable to replace the rollers so that the functionality of your commercial garage doors can be restored.

Misaligned and Damaged Track

No doubt accidents do happen on commercial garage doors that may result in difficulties in opening and closing. This may be due to gaps between the rollers and rails. To fix this, you should have the misaligned tracks straightened, repaired or replaced by experts at commercial garage door repairs in Utah for outstanding services.

Cable Damage

Commercial garage doors have cables designed for different purposes. Whether your commercial garage door has a torsion or extension spring system, you are bound to encounter damage to the cables as a result of wear and tear. Damages to the torsion spring system will result in shakes and squeaks while fraying, and rust are common in the extension spring system. For the squeaky parts, you can apply suitable lubricants to get rid of the grinding noise. Replacement of the cables would be a lasting solution for these issues.

Damaged Panels

garage door

A damaged panel can significantly affect the functionality of your garage doors. Such damage may be due to exposure to detrimental effects of weather elements as well as wear and tear through heavy hitting on the doors. A partly damaged panel can be easily repaired, but for extensive damage, a replacement will be necessary.

Power Supply Problem

Whether your commercial garage door is automatic or manual, it will require an adequate power supply to operate effectively. If you are experiencing difficulties opening or closing the doors, there could be an issue with the power supply hence the need to seek an expert opinion.

At some point in time, you are likely to encounter either one or more of the above-mentioned garage door problems. It is therefore advisable to engage professionals if you notice such signs at an early stage so that the issues can be addressed and fixed before they get out of hand.

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