Protect Your Skin During Weather Changes with These Suggestions

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Spring in Utah is beautiful — and unpredictable. The temperature and climate can change abruptly every single day (imagine warm sunshine on Tuesday followed by a quick snow flurry on Wednesday and a rainstorm on Thursday).

The unpredictability of the weather can affect your skin. When the temperature drops and the climate becomes dry and cold, the lack of moisture may dry out your skin. This increases the likelihood of premature aging, skin irritation, and flaking. On the other hand, when the temperature rises, the natural oils produced by your skin become active. The oils may build up on your pores and cause breakouts or other types of skin irritation.

The good news is that you can prevent the changing weather from taking a toll on your skin. Here are some ways to keep your skin healthy during this time:

Using a Moisturizer

A moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and helps you prevent dry skin associated with weather changes. When shopping for this product, look for a lotion suitable for your skin type. If you need additional help figuring out which moisturizer is best for you, feel free to consult a Salt Lake City dermatologist.

Exfoliating Your Skin

Proper exfoliation prevents the buildup of oil, gets rid of dead skin cells, and controls any excess sebum on your skin. It also allows moisturizing products to penetrate your skin more effectively. Use a mild exfoliant and add it to your skincare routine.

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Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

You need to shield your skin during sunny days or fair weather to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays. Search for a moisturizing cream that offers UVA protection and has a sun/skin protection factor (SPF) of 15. Use this product as a base every day before putting on your makeup. If you’re going to be outside frequently for extended periods, make sure that you reapply this moisturizing cream on your skin.

Drinking Plenty of Water

Apart from a moisturizer, you can keep your skin hydrated by drinking water. According to a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, increasing the intake of water by 67 ounces or two liters each day may improve skin hydration. By drinking more fluids, you make your skin healthy by increasing elasticity and hydration while decreasing dryness and roughness.

Sticking to a Healthy Diet

What you eat can affect the overall health of your skin. You can protect your skin by consuming a diet rich in antioxidants. Food, such as fresh fruits, kale, beans, spinach, and pecans, can give your skin the nutrients it needs to stay beautiful and healthy.

Steering Clear of Harsh Soaps

Common liquid soaps or cheap soap bars may contain preservatives or chemicals that can strip the protective barrier of your skin. If you have these in your shower area, ditch them and opt for natural soap bars or oil cleansers that prevent dry skin and replenish your skin’s natural moisture content.

These simple suggestions can make a major difference in how your skin will feel and look in Utah’s unpredictable weather. Although you can’t control the weather, you can take a proactive approach in keeping your skin healthy, hydrated, and beautiful.

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