Sleek, Creative Ways to Make Your Kitchen ‘On Fleek’

a sleek kitchen

Can’t cook? Sick of eating pizza and takeout food every night? Maybe your skills aren’t exactly to blame for not being able to cook. Sometimes it’s just the atmosphere and vibe that your kitchen gives off that aren’t exactly “Masterchef” worthy.

Appearance surely isn’t everything, but it does help to a certain extent. For instance, you walk in a room, and it is organized, well-designed and aesthetically beautiful. You would instantly somehow feel comfortable and at ease, with the subconscious urge to take a selfie inside.

Think of it the same way when you walk inside your kitchen. An organized, freshly renovated, new, and visually appealing one. And maybe it would trigger something in you, and you would somehow suddenly have the energy and interest to learn how to cook or cook more often instead of ordering in.

Sure, it wouldn’t necessarily be as inviting as being ‘selfie-worthy’, but why not? So making your kitchen look and feel comfortably good is actually very important! If you’re having second thoughts about fixing your kitchen because you’re worried about how expensive it would cost – don’t.

The thing about visuals is that it could be tricked – with several cheaper ways to do so. Here are a few less expensive ideas and techniques to make your kitchen look extravagant:


If there is one particular area in your kitchen that you should definitely pay more attention to than the rest, then it’s the countertops. Apart from the fact that it would be one of the (if not the) most used area of your kitchen, it could also unknowingly become the focal point of the entire room!

For instance, a granite countertop in your Layton home with its sleek surface and luxurious design are enough features to catch someone’s eye. This is not to mention it is sturdy, bacteria-resistant, and made of nature-friendly material and is easy to fix in case it chips on the sides and scratches. Talk about visually appealing AND efficient!


Use the psychology of colors to your advantage. Often, brighter and neutral colors give the illusion of a room being more spacious than it actually is. Use light colors when painting your cabinets and walls to brighten the space of your kitchen.

White, with strong accents of black here and there, would, in turn, make the kitchen look classier and more expensive. The advantage of using light colors is that it would also hide the unwanted blemishes of your kitchen – the scratches, the chips, old dents on the cabinets and shelves, and others.


interior design of kitchen

To further elevate your kitchen, do not be afraid to hang and place pieces of artwork here and there. The bolder and bigger it is, the better – for it creates the illusion of more space and also adds more life in the room.

Your kitchen may not look like the next Louvre, but it surely is a great first step to achieve that luxurious vibe! Besides, placing artwork would be helpful for frustrated tenants who aren’t allowed to change everything in their kitchen.

Get started with these simple ideas to give your kitchen some spice and flair. The kitchen is the ‘heart of your home’, so you owe it to at least look like it is!

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