5 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

Repairing Air Conditioner

Sometimes, situations force us to look for alternatives. Which is not a bad thing really but change never comes easily to most people. Picture this: One dayyour AC is working just fine, and then you wake up the next day, and it’s not no matter what.

It’s that time of the month when you have very little left so you can’t afford to buy another one or call your go-to AC repair guy in Draper to get it fixed. So until then, these tips will help you make your home cool without an AC. They might not be super effective like an AC, but they sure will help.

1. Leave your blinds closed.

Direct sunlight raises the temperatures in your home and using blinds and drapes help block the direct sunlight. In particular, you have to close the blinds starting late morning until early evening.

You could also invest in reflective window panels. They also serve the same purpose. If you are using curtains, make sure that your curtains that face south and west must be closed during the day.

2. Keep your body temperature in check.

You can only do so much to regulate the temperature in your house. What you have more control over is your body temperature. By keeping yourself cool, you will not be bothered much by the lack of an air condition unit in your home.

A number of ways that you can keep your body cool are by taking lots of cold to iced drinks, dressing very lightly, regularly taking cold showers, taking a dive if you have a swimming pool at your back yard, and more.

3. Keep your doors open.

When you leave your doors and windows open, the hot air inside the house goes out, and cool air comes in leaving the rooms cool. There is a scientific theory to that by the way. During the night, you can sleep with your windows open, but remember to close them towards the morning lest hot air comes in.

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4. Turn on your bathroom fans.

The exhaust fans in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom can be of great advantage. Turn the kitchen fan on immediately after cooking to lower the temperature in the kitchen brought about by your cooking appliances. Do the same to your bathroom fan after a long, steamy shower.

5. Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise.

Most homeowners have no clue that you can actually set your fan to rotate in reverse. So, how does this work? When you set the blades to rotate anti-clockwise, the warm air is then pushed to the ceiling and eventually out. Normally, the warm air would blow to your direction.

See, you can actually survive for some days without an AC. There are people who do not even own an AC unit. So, while you sort out your finances so as to afford the best services, use these brilliant tips. And do not forget to keep your body cool by drinking lots of water.

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