Aluminum Vs. Roller Awnings: What Are The Differences?


Aluminum and roller awnings are both excellent choices to block sunlight and protect your home’s interior furnishings. You can install aluminum awnings by themselves, unlike motorized roller ones.

The actual price of installing window accessories will also depend on where you live. If you live in Massachusetts, the price of motorized retractable awnings in Boston may cost as low as $250 excluding the cost of installation. You should expect to spend more if you live in the city than suburban home owners, due to the higher cost of living and price of materials.

Pros And Cons

While installing an aluminum awning can be a DIY project, these make your house look as old as houses during the 1920s to the 1970s. This won’t be a problem if you like to add some vintage appeal, but you should reconsider using it if your home adopts a modern design.

Choose roller awnings if you like to have some natural light inside your home from time to time since you can’t put away aluminum awnings because these are immovable fixtures. The only problem with roller awnings involves the need to replace fabrics due to sun damage. It’s crucial to pick a durable material that could withstand constant exposure to sunlight.

Cost Of Materials

It’s possible to spend at least $100 for a premade fabric awning, although your choices for design could be very limited. Some fabrics may cost up to $750 for a deck or patio awning. If you like customized awnings, you should prepare to spend at least $1,000 based on the style and size of the windows. Premade metal awnings also cost as low as $100 for small windows, while buying one for the patio can cost at least $500.

Personalized metal cost $10 per square foot for aluminum. You could save money from a customized and stationary fixture compared to an electric and motorized type. Take note that adding an electric motor costs an extra $250 to $500. Some motors are able to function depending on the type of weather due to the equipped sensors.

Other Window Accessories

Awning over bright sunny blue sky

If neither aluminum nor roller awnings suit your taste, some of the other alternatives include Bahama shades. Otherwise called Bermuda shutters, these fixtures block the sun and protect your window panes from blown objects during a storm. You should expect to spend around $300 for a DIY installation.

Don’t expect to shield your interiors from the sun completely when you install one. Sunlight can still enter your home through the sides, and you need to flip one up whenever you like to use it. However, Bahama shutters are perfect for homes along busy streets since these offer privacy and reduce noise coming from the outside.


Awnings and exterior shades can only do so much to block sunlight. If you have plans to remodel your homes, experts said that you should install windows away from facing the sun. Consult a professional who specializes in different kinds of window fixtures before making a decision.

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