4 Ways You Can Destroy Your Air Conditioner

Man turning on the AC

Global temperatures are rising sharply, leading to a record high. It is a fact that you can ascertain from your high monthly energy bills. Unfortunately, homeowners could be undermining the efficiency and capability of their air conditioning unit through such simple mistakes.

Air conditioners have many components that work together to provide a simple function — to keep the room cool and habitable. Any effect (no matter how small) on any of these components can affect the effectiveness of the unit. In fact, you could be contributing to the death of your unit in the following ways:

1. The Buildup of Ice in the Air Conditioner

Ice on any part of the air conditioner is not normal. Build up in the AC refrigerant lines can be caused by either low refrigerant amount or restricted airflow on the evaporator coils. Each of these problems has blatant causes and simple remedies.

For the low refrigerant, the only possible cause is a leak. Once you’ve discovered the problem, switch off the system immediately and call an expert in air conditioning repair in Riverview, FL. Airflow restrictions have several possible causes, including air duct collapse, blower fan issues, and air filter clogging. Again, repair or replacement can solve the problem.

2. Not Using a Programmable Thermostat

Not all homeowners remember to adjust the settings of their thermostat every time without fail. If you’re one of them, a programmable thermostat is necessary. It will help you save thousands of dollars annually. As you use this thermostat, remember to use the correct settings as well for optimal performance and user experience. For most people, the ideal setting is 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Incorrect Running or Use of the Air Conditioner

AC blowing air

There are different ways you’re using the AC unit incorrectly. Running it continuously on full blast can be tragic in terms of power consumption. If everyone is going to be away from home during the day, set the appropriate settings on the thermostat before you leave.

Not using the AC at all is also a problem, as sitting it idle for a long time would allow mold to develop. Allow your unit to work for at least a few minutes every day even if you will be away for vacation.

4. Not Servicing the Unit Annually

As an AC expert will tell you, the highest percentage of AC service calls are for units that are irregularly maintained. This is amusing since all the machine needs is an annual check by a qualified technician and it will probably run smoothly for the rest of the year.

For a tune-up of as little as $70, you are confident that the unit will be free of serious issues. The technician can do many things, including checking the motor, blower, and refrigerant levels and cleaning the outdoor condenser coils.

Air conditioners are irreplaceable in many homes, as they’re designed to offer a cool climate for hours. However, improper use and lack of maintenance can be detrimental to the condition of any unit. The more you take care of your AC, the more it will stay functional.

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