The Relationship between Air Conditioning and Room Humidity

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It can become unbearably hot in Modesto CA, but the addition of high humidity will only make matters worse. Whether outside or indoors, the experience is the same. Often when you say that the air conditionig unit in your California home seems to be working, you are probably referring to its ability to control the temperature.

But many homeowners are not sure if their system is on top of things when it comes to humidity levels. High humidity can be a real nuisance, whether the temperature is cold or hot. The air conditioner was designed to handle this problem, but only if it is in a proper functioning state. It is therefore vital to know how the equipment works and what humidity is.

Indoor Humidity

There is no doubt that humidity levels in a home contribute to the comfort or discomfort of those inside. What exactly does this term mean? Humidity is often viewed as either relative or absolute. Most of the talk about home humidity is relative humidity. It is the amount of water vapor in the air compared to the maximum possible. That is why it is given as a percentage. Absolute humidity is simply the amount of water that the air contains. It is given in g/m3.

Reasons Humidity Imbalance Is Undesirable

If room humidity control is poor or inexistent, you can expect any or all of a few things to happen. High humidity triggers issues such as mold growth, sticky skin, bug infestation and discomfort. Low humidity is equally bad as it promotes eczema, dust, the spread of viral diseases and higher energy bills.

How the Air Conditioner Helps

Modern air conditioning systems can regulate humidity on top of cooling the home. When the system is operating, humid, warm air passes contacts the evaporator coils. The main process is the transfer of heat to the refrigerant and into the outside. However, another important process takes place concurrently. Moisture carried by air condenses on the evaporator coils and drips. The humidity level in the home reduces because of this simple process.

Steps To Enhance This Process

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While most modern air conditioners can control humidity, the homeowner is tasked to make sure the system is well suited for this task. For a highly leaking house, the air conditioner will always struggle if remedies are not implemented. Using a blower door is an ideal way to identify those leaks for repair by an air conditioning Modesto CA repair expert. Over and above that, sizing the air conditioner is an irreplaceable step. While the air conditioner dehumidifies the air by design, it can only do so if it runs continuously. Oversized equipment will run longer than needed and maintain extremely high humidity levels. What is the solution? Hire a reliable air conditioning contractor to have the system sized correctly. You should also consider tuning up the system and replacing the filter more often. Annual checks tend to work for most homeowners in Modesto, California.

Humidity level contributes to indoor comfort, an essential factor all year round. Knowing how humidity influences air conditioning is the first step in enhancing this aspect of healthy living and energy efficiency.

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