Air Conditioner Short Cycling: Basics and Possible Solutions

Air conditioner blowing warm air

Among all the air conditioner issues you may have encountered, there is probably nothing more irritating than when the system perpetually switches on and then off. Typically, the thermostat detects an increase in room temperature and prompts the air conditioner to switch on. If your system seems to switch off before achieving the desired temperature, then you know there is a problem.

This is referred to as short cycling, an issue many homeowners in Seminole experience with their air conditioning units. Energy bills can shoot if you do not take the necessary action. The good news is that as rampant as the issue may be, you don’t have to be a victim. The following article will help you take a quick and focused action to prevent the losses associated with this problem.

Short Cycling Demystified

The operation time of an air conditioner can be divided into cycles. It all starts with a kick on, which you can hear when you switch on the equipment. The unit circulates air throughout the set space until the required temperature is achieved. Once this is done, one cycle is complete, and this takes up to 20 minutes for most brands. For malfunctioning systems, the cycle lasts only a few minutes. Many homeowners will mistake this for high efficiency, yet it is most likely a short-cycling scenario. Without proper handling by an air conditioning expert, this will continuously affect your energy bill. So, what are the causes? Can you remedy them?

Causes of the Problem

Loss of refrigerant level is the most common cause, as it prompts the low-pressure switch of the air conditioner. This reaction is essential as it prevents compressor damage, shielding you from monumental replacement or repair costs. The thermostat location could also trigger short cycling. Sizing problems have also been associated with the issue. Fortunately, there are ways to reverse the system problems for more efficient and safer operations.

Repair Faulty Components

Your HVAC contractor can help you identify and repair faulty components. Wiring is often the culprit here, with corrosion and fraying being noted as the most prevalent. Damage to arrays and switches can also promote short cycling. During the winter season, have a professional check the flame sensor for defects.

Relocate the Thermostat

locating the aircon thermostat

If you’ve established that the location of the thermostat is the issue, let the technician move the device to a different area, preferably where there is no draft or sunlight. If you did not have a programmable thermostat before, this might be the perfect time to make the switch. This type offers personalized comfort and promotes massive cost savings over time.

Recheck System Size

Do you have any doubts about the initial sizing of the system? If the expert analyses and confirms an over-size situation, find the right one that fits your home cooling needs. Unlike in the past, there are manuals and guidelines from reputable organizations such as Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s (ACCA), which make sizing a more straightforward process.

If you think that the problems in your air conditioning system are due to short cycling, you’ll be glad to know the solutions highlighted and several others can help. Seek the help of HVAC experts to address other issues that may come around.

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