What Single Guys Should Look for When Settling Down in a Place

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With Valentine’s Day just passing by like that, single guys might be wondering how they’re going to meet their forever in time for next year’s heart’s day. Well, not everyone is born with the dating skills and social intelligence needed to be attractive to their future partners. These subjects are not taught in school, which is unfortunate because single guys are not as confident meeting new people even under the best of circumstances.

So, what’s a guy got to do if he wants to meet the lady of his dreams? Attack it the way you would your fantasy football team—with statistics, predictions, research, numbers, science, and whatnot. You have to be deliberate about finding future partners and it all starts with choosing the best place to settle in.

Choosing Where to Live

Are you in the right place to meet your future partner? You need to consider this before you invest in any real estate property and settle in a town or city. Buying a house is always a great deal, but more so if you’re out looking for a life partner. Is the place where you’re in a magnet for single people? Or, are there kids running around you when you step out of the house? Are all your neighbors married already? If so, you might be in the worst place as a single guy.

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Availability of Single Women

How would you know if the odds are in your favor? You have to look at the ratio of unmarried women for every 100 unmarried men. For example, in New York, there are 121 unmarried women for every 100 unmarried men. That gives men a slight edge to find the women of their dreams. In Australia, Adelaide and Sydney are the best cities to maybe find your forever.

Dating Affordability

You have to look at how much you have to spend on a date, too. What good will it do you to meet the girl of your dreams if you cannot afford to take her out on a nice date? Consider the price of a three-course meal for two, two movie or concert tickets, and entrance fees for other activities. While you do not have to take her to a Michelin-starred restaurant, you do have to impress her on the first date and every significant occasion, of course.

The affordability of a date depends on your income. You have to consider how much you are going to earn on average as opposed to the price of a meal in a mid-range restaurant. In the United States, a dinner and movie cost $103 in New York City but this goes down to $70 if you choose to live in Baltimore. It’s the same when you look at other countries. Sydney, for example, will be more expensive than Melbourne and Perth, but you also have a higher chance of meeting the woman of your dreams in a bigger city.

Social Scene

What can you do in the city or state where you intend to live? You need to consider the availability of social clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas, and other activities you and your future partner can engage in. How about the walk score? Although New York City is a chaotic metropolitan on most days, it is one of the most walkable cities in the world. This simply means that you have more chance of meeting people because you won’t be taking a cab or the bus to and from everywhere.

The night scene is important for single guys. You will take your partner for a date at night because you will both be working in the morning until the afternoon. If there will be no more restaurants open at 7 PM, then what are you supposed to do? Until what time do museums stay open? You may be a homebody who can just chill at home with a cold beer and chicken wings but if you want to meet someone, you have to put yourself out there. You also have to consider that your future partner might want to enjoy the social scenery more.

You can visit some places first before deciding to settle down and invest in a property there. A real estate agent will have answers for you, too. They can give you information on the dating scene in the city you’re eyeing. Visiting it, however, will give you a feel of what’s life is like there. How do you feel about the social scene and the nightlife? Do you think this is the kind of dating scene that will suit you in the future?

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