Turn Your Home into a Bachelor’s Pad

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There is nothing more attractive than a man who can keep his home tidy and organized. Men can live in their man caves, but not to act as primordial cavemen who can’t distinguish a living area from a dumpsite. To equate the act of cleaning and maintaining the home as something that only women do is plain ignorance.

A modern man knows that being clean and organized inside their home is not a sign of femininity, despite what these acts may entail in the olden age. There is a fine line between an organized mess and a trashy place. How you carry yourself as a gentleman manifests in how you maintain your home.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can transform your home environment into one that can fit your gentleman lifestyle. This can be as simple as redecorating the interiors of your house, to as complicated as building your own structures. You can refer to this guide below:

Go for a Modern Interior Design

A coherent interior design that manifests throughout the house can uplift its mood and aura. Knowing how to incorporate these designs into your existing interiors can go a long way in totally owning your space and showing your personality.

You can stick to monotone colors such as shades of gray or white when you’re reinventing your home. This can be shown through your walls, which you can paint on or apply wallpaper to. You can also make a more direct approach to designing through renovation.

One of the best places to start renovating is in your bathroom. You can do renovations to upgrade existing structures, increase storage capacity, or elevate the room’s overall mood. To achieve this, you can find a contractor you can work with and a supplier of trusted bathroom vanity products for your renovation project.

Opt for Minimalist Furniture

To match the modernistic approach in interior design, you can opt to get minimalist-inspired furniture to fill your empty spaces. This can be as simple as getting black and white accent chairs as well as neutral-colored curtains, or as complex as replacing all light fixtures with exposed steel ones that borrow from the industrial aesthetic.

Another important aspect of this style is that it’s not a fan of loud colors. To create a cleaner and more coherent design, try to avoid bold patterns or prints in your furniture. Instead, choose ones that have straight lines and minimal decorations.

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Build an Indoor Bar

What is a bachelor pad without a home bar that you can stock full of beer for game nights with the boys? Or a bar with wine that you can offer to your lady friends after a night out? A home bar is a vital component of your home unless you’re not a fan of alcohol.

There are many bar designs that you can choose for your home. You can go with a minimalist bar that is hidden from plain sight because it’s inside a floor-to-ceiling cabinet, or kept in pull-out drawers with a marble countertop you can prep your drinks on.

But you could always go for a grander approach and dedicate an entire pantry to your alcohol collection, especially if you’re one to invite people over for drinks. Another idea is to build a vintage bar complete with stools and a beer tap for a more pub feel in the comfort of your home.

Install a Home Entertainment System

If you’re a huge sports fan or a movie buff, then having a home entertainment system complete with flat-screen television and surround sound should be your priority in this redesign. This can be a worthwhile investment, especially because you’re going to use it a lot.

With high-definition graphics that will make you feel like you’re sitting courtside during a basketball game, your friends and family can enjoy your home entertainment system just as much as you will. The same can be said if you can mimic the feel of a movie theater from inside your home.

You can also go the extra mile and connect your PlayStation or Xbox to the wide-screen TV if you’re a fan of video games. You can easily spend your weekends camped in front of your TV, snacking on chips, sipping cold beers, and with your eyes are glued heavily to the screen.

The best thing about having a bachelor’s pad is that you can do anything you want to it. Your parents are no longer there to dictate what you can and can’t do, which means you have complete freedom to be as yourself as you can be.

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