Man or Man-Child: Upgrading to Become the Real You

The way you live reflects the way you view yourself. Your surroundings create the foundation on which you will build your future. A messy bachelor pad that looks like your dorm room may not be the best place to make mature and ambitious plans.  

Your home is a physical representation of the inner workings of your mind. A clean and organized home reflects a man who respects himself. A man who is capable of giving himself the lifestyle he desires.  

Anyone who visits your home will be influenced by it in the way they treat you. This will play a more important role in your life as you look at broadening your career prospects and settling down. You will find that you need to invite the people who matter into your home.  

The state it is in will determine the success of your intentions. No one wants a partner who is incapable of cleaning up after themselves. Your boss is unlikely to consider you for a promotion if he finds that you cannot even manage your own household cleanliness.  

Take charge of yourself and your future by renovating your home to match your aspirations. Live like the man you want to be, and you will find it easier to achieve your ambitions.        

The Exterior  

The exterior of your home is the first impression people will have of your personal space. A well-painted front door is sure to make a good impression. Arrange for regular maintenance of garage doors and touch-ups of the trim on the windows. This will make your home look fresh and ensure that everything works perfectly when someone visits your house.  

The Interior  

This is where you will need to do the most work. Paint all your walls to the same color palette so that everything matches. If you do not like paint, then have your walls finished professionally so that the exposed brick or cement looks intentional. It can create a lovely masculine look to an apartment to have professionally finished cement walls.  

Reupholster your furniture for a financially manageable way to streamline the look of your home. If you can afford the investment, purchase new sets of matching furniture. Mismatched furniture is a youthful aesthetic that does not belong in the home of a mature professional. You can keep sentimental pieces around to add personality, but there should be an overall cohesive look to your apartment.  



The way you decorate your home says a great deal about where you are in life. If all your decorations revolve around high school trophies and memorabilia, it can indicate to someone that you may not have matured past that stage.  

Make one wall of your living space into a display wall. This will allow you to keep the other walls clear and minimalist. The display wall should be a place where you showcase the memories that matter most. Display photos of memorable moments, a few pieces of memorabilia, photos of family, and important life moments you have experienced. Place pictures of trips you have taken next to your college diploma.  

It is the perfect way to pay tribute to the journey that made you the man you are today. It is also the best way to show that you are a dynamic person committed to leading a passionate life. Art, memorabilia, and the photos you choose to display are a vivid insight into the person you are and how you want to live your life.  

Aroma Matters  

People form a lot of subconscious opinions from the smell. Our olfactory senses influence the way we feel about people, and it is hard to change that opinion once it is set. Therefore, you must ensure your home has a pleasant aroma.  

A full-grown man who leads an active lifestyle is sure to generate some testosterone-heavy and sweaty gym wear. But a covered laundry basket can help to contain the strength of the smell till laundry day. You do need to make sure that laundry day happens once a week because there is only so much a cover can do to contain a powerful smell.  

Find the scents that appeal to you and decide how you would like to waft them through your home. Candles are lovely and can be aesthetic. If you want more potent aromas, incense sticks are a good way to generate a pleasant aroma with a very aesthetic appearance. Some men prefer something subtle. This can take the form of a plug-in Febreeze spray or an oil burner in the corner of the room.        

As you can see, it is not that difficult to present your home to its best ability. The most financial investment will likely be in furniture and for repairs. Other than that, you need to make well-thought-out choices.  

Even if you do not have any savings to invest in your home, cleanliness can make a big difference. A clean bathroom and kitchen show that you respect yourself enough to give yourself a pleasant living space. It will also cause you to begin respecting your right to a friendly and enjoyable home. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated by others, and you will be amazed at how much it changes your life for the better.

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