Exercise Options You Can Explore During the Pandemic

While some gyms may have already opened, people are still apprehensive about exercising inside an enclosed space during the pandemic. But it doesn’t mean you have to stop working out during the health crisis. You have several options to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Many of these options do not require you to leave the house if you have all the equipment you need at home. Engaging in physical fitness activities during a pandemic is important to boost your immune system, prevent weight gain, and reduce stress.

Exercise Area

Before you start exercising, you should set aside space in the house where you can exercise. It should be wide enough to allow you to move around while working it. You should also make sure to cover the floor with rubber or foam to protect it from the weights you’re using.

You can use an unused area in the bedroom or the living room. You can also use the back porch or patio of the house if the local climate allows it. An empty room or garage is also a great place to set up your home gym.

Weight Training

Weight training is one of the workout routines you can perform at home. You will need dumbbells and resistance bands to allow you to work your muscles. You can also use common household items for weights if your budget is limited. Heavy cans or books are suitable to perform basic weight training exercises.

You can perform bench pressing by lying on your back and holding weights on each hand. Just push the weights up to perform the exercise. You can also perform bicep curls, tricep extensions, and shoulder presses, all in the comfort of your home.

Other shoulder exercise variations include extending your arms out and to the side after you push them up. You’ll have to do this while on a bench press position on the floor.


Slow movement and controlled breathing allow you to relieve stress and ease anxiety. This is among the many benefits you can get from yoga. You can perform yoga anywhere, and all you need is a mat, a quiet location, and comfortable clothing. When you have these, you can check the internet for some programs to follow.

There are several sources of the programs you can follow when performing yoga exercises. You can find all of these on the internet. Yoga isn’t limited to adults. Young children can also perform the exercises with proper guidance.

Since there are different types of yoga, you may want to look for one that’s suitable for you. You can practice these exercises with your kids or the other members of the family.

man working out

Bodyweight Exercises

If you don’t have the weights you need for weight training, you can perform bodyweight exercises. These exercises offer the same benefits offered by weight training. You can use the weight of your body to give each muscle group in your body the workout they need.

Some simple bodyweight exercises include squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and planks. You can also perform lunges if the space in the house allows it. You can perform forward lunges, reverse lunges, and side lunges.


Jogging is another exercise you can perform during a pandemic. You can jog around the neighborhood. But always remember to observe proper health protocols. This means you should wear a mask and avoid interacting with people who are not a part of your household.

It’s also important to keep your distance from people you encounter while jogging around the neighborhood. Avoiding crowds is also advisable. You can plan your jogs early in the morning or early evening when people are inside their homes.


Similar to jogging, you can your cardio workout through cycling. You can go out for a leisurely ride as long as you keep at least six feet away from people who are not a part of your household. A stationary bike is great since it allows you to get a good cardio workout while staying safe at home.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has indicated no scientific reports about the spread of the virus through the water of swimming pools, water playgrounds, and spas. So, you may want to put in a few laps before you turn in for the night.

But you should remember to observe proper health protocols when using these facilities in an apartment complex. Avoid using the facility when there are a lot of people using it. You can even suggest to the property managers to create a schedule for people to use the facility. This facilitates the proper observation of health protocols while using it.

Exercising during the pandemic is essential for your physical and mental health.

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