Is Your Home Still Your Castle When You are Confined to It?

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There is a saying that a man’s home is his castle. These days, many may not be feeling this as the pandemic compels them to spend most of their time at home. It can feel like detention.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises people to get a vaccine against COVID-19. CDC continues to warn people to avoid crowds even after getting a shot. If it is necessary to leave the house, CDC asks people to wear a mask and practice social distancing of at least six feet from each other. It also recommends hand washing and hand sanitation with alcohol as protection from the virus.

This means that even after the rollout of vaccines, people must remain home for long periods.

Effects of Confinement

Studies show that confinement has psychological and physical effects on people. It causes emotional problems, behavioral changes, and physical problems.

When confined, people become bored, irritable, restless, and impatient at the least. Worse, they become distressed, depressed, and anxious. Their attitude changes and they lack motivation for physical activity. They become more sedentary.

People also experience changes in eating patterns during confinement. They eat more meals, snack more between meals, and consume unhealthy food. This leads to weight gain.

Excessive weight gain weakens the immune system and can lead to a variety of diseases. A weak immune system also increases vulnerability to Covid-19.

Use the Space Around Your Home

The opposite of confinement is going out in the open air. If you have a yard, you have your little piece of the outdoors. Make the most of this and spend more time outside.

You can make improvements in your yard to make it more enjoyable to stay in. You can put up a basketball court. You can have an outdoor jacuzzi to relax in. You can plant a decorative or edible garden or a combination of both. You can create a patio to extend your living room outside.

These yard improvements provide you with much-needed exercise. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise with moderate intensity each week.

Exercise strengthens the immune system and helps protect you against Covid-19. It also prevents and manages mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. So do not limit your exercise to yard work. It is best to have a regular exercise routine you can do outdoors or indoors.

If you do not have a yard, you can make the most of a balcony. Decorate it with plants and sit there to bask in the sunlight and fresh air.

Improve Your Space Indoors

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Apart from your yard or balcony, you must improve your indoor space to adapt to the changes in your needs.

Indoor temperature can be a problem when it is either too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Air conditioning and heating bills will be hefty if you are home for long periods. Consider window replacement. You can choose energy-efficient windows. These will keep you comfy while saving you money.

Bring a sense of the outdoors into your indoor space through indoor plants. Tending to plants will give you something new to do. Observing their growth under your care can be fulfilling.

While bringing in plants, take the opportunity to rearrange your living spaces. This will make it look different and fresh.

If your old exercise routine involved jogging or going to the gym, shift to indoor exercises. You can order a treadmill online and continue jogging inside. You can find alternatives to your gym exercises that are possible to do at home.

Tend to Your Mind Space

Look for ways to fight boredom indoors. The Internet alone provides you with unlimited stimuli. Watch movies and television shows. Learn new things. You can use online resources to learn a hobby you can do offline, like woodworking.

You must also keep your social connections active online. Social interaction is a human necessity. It will keep you sane.

Take a break from gadgets sometimes, though. Read books. Take time to ruminate. Put your life in perspective.

Making the Change Happen

The pandemic is forcing people to stay home most of the time. This has a huge negative impact on lives. You do not have to endure it since you can do something to soften the blow on your life.

With the right modifications in your home, you can make sure that it is now truly your castle. With the right adjustments in your behavior and routine, you can make sure that you live like a king.

Do not wait until you are suffering from the harmful effects of confinement. Make the changes now to make your life more comfortable.

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