Top Qualities You’ll Want in Your Concrete Contractor

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Concrete is the material on the job site with the largest set of variables, any of which can, in fact, wreck the whole project if not understood and dealt with properly. That is why unless you’re a contractor and working on your own home, you don’t do concrete jobs yourself, regardless if it’s a driveway, a walkway, or a patio. It’s best to call reliable concrete contractors in the Kansas City area.

But hiring the right contractor is more than just going online and getting the first name you come across with. You want your project done right and on time. Follow these guidelines and you will find the right contractor for your project.


Before you do an online search, ask family and friends if there is a good contractor they’ve worked with in the past—nothing beats first-hand experience. Another source is the local concrete supply company, as they are constantly in touch with concrete contractors in the area. After you’ve exhausted these two options, go online and pick the ones whose company profile and website appeal to your values.

Experience is golden

At a bare minimum, you want a contractor who’s been in the business at least 10 years. If they’re still in the business for that length of time, then they’re doing something right. An experienced contractor will also have sufficient knowledge that they can use when they encounter problems during the project.

Check references

A reputable concrete contractor who’s been in the business that long would have a string of successful concrete jobs and satisfied clients behind them, and they would not hesitate to name them. If and when possible, speak to their former clients and ask about their experience working with a particular concrete contractor.

Initial contact

When you make the first contact, be very observant. The reputable concrete contractor’s concern is not just the profit that they will make, but how they can turn your vision into reality.  Even without having a contract yet, your potential contractor would be offering suggestions and recommendations for you to consider.

Are they insured?

This is often overlooked, but a reputable contractor would also be responsible for his or her people. Regardless of safety precautions set in place, accidents can still happen. Make sure they have insurance as well to cover your home and your project in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Then comes the price

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There’s a reason the cost comes last. If all the above criteria have been satisfactorily met, there’s a good chance that the company is the one you’re looking for. The cost might be negotiable. Be wary of contractors that try to beat their competitor’s cost quotation by lowering theirs—they may lower the quality of the build as well by using substandard materials. The old adage still holds true: you get what you pay for.

The right contractor will be your partner in building your project successfully. Your partnership must be built with trust and respect. With an honest contractor by your side, you can complete your project on time and in compliance with the current codes and standards.

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