Properly Preparing a New Living Space for Peaceful Cat-Friendly Living

Mother and son playing with cat at home

Pets make for great members of the family. They’ve been around since people learned to domesticate animals and keep them as worthy companions. Some parents would even say that it teaches their young kids about responsibility and appreciation for other creatures that live among us. Others say that pets are great stress relievers and that they can even become an effective security measure to a degree. Cats, for example, are great hunters and help prevent pests such as mice from infesting a home. If you’re a cat person who’s preparing to welcome your fur baby into your new home, consider making your home cat-proof with these helpful suggestions:

Ingenious Housing

Our feline friends like to sleep when they’re not prowling about the house. It’s in their nature to go to a secluded area where they can rest. If they don’t have one, they’ll find one for themselves. This tendency can become an inconvenience for you if they choose a place they shouldn’t be in. Find them a spot for a cat house within your home that’s both safe for them and away from anything that has a potential for them to create a mess with. If you can have one built in before you move to your new house and land around Melbourne’s west, then it will be much better.

Flooring Materials

Cat sleeping on floor

Cats spend at least 16 hours in sleep, but when they’re active, it becomes a different story. They’ll move at a rapid pace and can give your floor a lot of scratches and other kinds of damage from their waste and fallen items. To minimise the damage, ask to install hard, easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant, and waterproof kinds of flooring such as treated hardwood, vinyl, and tile. Cats also tend to sharpen their claws on objects. Provide them with a scratching post early so that they won’t go for your precious furniture later on in your stay. Like with the cat house, it’s best to plan for and prepare this before you move in.

Non-Shatter Décor

Cats are curious by nature and tend to climb up and down as they please as they explore the house. If they see something on the move such as prey or a spot of light, they’re sure to make a run for it. This is dangerous if you want to have precious china or vases lying around your house. Cats will climb on or topple them if they feel the need to. Stick with shatterproof décor or put those precious vases in a hard-to-reach place such as shelves and cupboards with glass doors. Alternative materials for displays include soft plastic or rubber.

Cats need more than an ordinary house to accommodate them. As a responsible pet owner, you need to think about their safety as well as consider how you can reduce the damage that they cause. If you can afford it, make modifications to your new home to make it friendlier for your feline. It can be tedious, but once you make these extra precautions, life with your beloved cat will become full of fun and wonder.

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