Style Pointers for Women Who Want to Nail Avant-Garde

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Avant-garde is a movement in art and design that breaks the convention. It defies the norms and opens up the minds of onlookers to something wild, eclectic and interesting. In recent years, people have become more open to such an art form, thus inspiring a lot of women to style themselves this way. However, some people want to do it but are afraid to do so. They have this inhibition that they may take things too far or they will not be able to pull off the pieces they are wearing.

There are actually some ways to pull off avant-garde without looking sloppy. You just have to make sure that your pieces are reliable. If you are not ready for something wild yet, you can aim for simpler pieces. But if you are willing to shock, you need to rely on art. Nevertheless, below are some of the tips you may want to keep in mind.

Style Tip #1: Tell a Story

Since avant-garde stems from artistic movements, it is just right that your ensemble will tell a story. Stick to a theme, and let your pieces speak for themselves.

For one, you may try marring athleisure and preppy. You can have your little black dress accessorized with costume jewelry. A pair of Common Projects or Balenciaga’s Triple S for footwear will create an interesting contrast. Top everything off with an Obermeyer women’s jacket for sale.

Style Tip #2: Twist the Usual

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The safest way to do avant-garde is to wear the usual and give it a twist. For one, you can wear your boyfriend’s oversized button-down and then pair it up with loose denim. Finish the look with a pair of high heels or platform boots.

But if you want to define the look, you can wear a belt around your shirt. Add another layer of look by wearing a choker and tying your hair into a slick bun. You can always start with what you usually wear and find more ways to deconstruct and rebuild it.

Style Tip #3: Accessorize

Accessories are the best friends of avant-garde style. In fact, some ensembles depend on them. Just look at how Lady Gaga and Virgil Abloh do it. If you want to catch attention with your eyewear, you can wear spiked sunnies.

For your necklaces and bangles, you can go for costume jewelry pieces—the ones with ornate designs—and then partner them with your street wear. You can use street wear as your foundation, just like how Virgil Abloh, Gucci and Balenciaga do it.

Style Tip #4: Focus on Cuts and Texture

If you want to break conventions, stay away from the usual cotton and satin texture. You can always experiment with shirts and pants that are wildly deconstructed. Look at how you can turn your plaid button-down into a tank top. You can also use leather and matte fabrics as your pieces.

Avant-garde is not for the faint-hearted. You need to be brave if you want to execute your style beautifully.

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