Tips for Camouflaging Your Gutters

close up picture of gutter

Everyone realizes the essential part that gutters play in a property’s protection against water damage. Not all property owners are however all the rage about rain gutters on their property. The primary reason for this is the perceived negative impact of a rain gutter on a property’s curb appeal.

It seems like there is very little you can do to improve the look of your rain gutters and downspouts without affecting their operation. There are however different camouflaging alternatives a rain gutter contractor in Utah will offer for the installation of rain gutters.

These will ensure their operation remains unaffected and your property’s curb looks exactly like you intended it to be. The following are some of these installation options.

1. Match their color to your home’s siding.

Most rain gutters come in a shiny or stark white color, which naturally stands out against most color options for property sidings. Some people might opt to match their siding to the gutters rather than the other way around.

This is however akin to matching your outfit to your socks than picking the outfit and matching your socks. After getting your ideal siding color, decide on the gutter’ color. This is way easier than choosing your gutters first.

This does not necessarily mean you should pick the same color for the siding and gutters. You can opt for a beautiful contrasting color instead to make your property stand out.

2. Cover the downspouts with greenery.

Rain gutter full of autumn leavesThe downspouts are often the most conspicuous parts of your gutters. You can make them part of your natural landscape by covering them with plants. The best plant options for covering downspout include vines, trellis, and tall leafy plants.

Other than camouflaging your gutters, the plants will absorb your gutters’ overflow and minimize its impact on your foundation. The plants are however not directly placed under to your downspouts to avert their over watering.

3. Opt for rain chains.

You can also choose to forego your downspouts altogether and replace them with rain chains. This option will give your exteriors a semi-industrial and rustic look and introduce a creative angle to your outdoors.

The rain chains, such as downspouts, will direct rainwater away from your foundation and avert water damage to your walls. You can spruce the rain chains with cast resin or concrete splash guards or have a gorgeous plant at their ends.

4. Pick copper gutters.

Copper rain gutters have the highest aesthetic appeal among all options. Though costly, these can be added to your home’s exteriors as a design rather than a purely functional element. Some architectural styles, in fact, include copper or aged bronze as part of their exterior design elements.

You take considerable time and research to get the best curb appeal for your property and rain gutters should not affect it. These camouflaging options will guarantee the gutters complement rather than wash down the work and finances you put into designing the best-looking curb.

You can therefore now benefit from a protected structural foundation and walls with minimal impact on your property’s look. The gutters’ operation will only be guaranteed by a professional rather than a DIY installation.

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