Finishing Options for Wrought Iron Fences

Detailed iron fence

The fencing options available nowadays are vast, and it is easy for property owners to get overwhelmed. Wrought iron fences are generally the most sought after since they offer a timeless elegance which matches the landscaping of most properties.

Furthermore, wrought iron fencing is durable and comes in several style options. The standard styles include flat-top, pressed point and picket styles. This will not, however, mean that you should settle for these styles alone.

There are various custom-made wrought iron fences from stores in Oxnard, CA, which will suit your property. One of the methods used for wrought iron customization is its finishing.

The finishing is also used to highlight specific design details and the true beauty of your fencing material in addition to boosting its durability. The following are some of the finish options used for wrought iron fences.

Beeswax Finish

In this finishing alternative, the wrought iron is first heated. After the heating, beeswax is applied in several light coats and then allowed to dry. Once cooled and stuck to your wrought iron, the beeswax finish will be buffed then scuffed to boost the look of a natural forged metal.

The finish lends your fences a color ranging from deep red ochre to a vibrant blue in a matte richness. Some external beeswax variants also have anti-corrosive effects which boost your fence’s protection.

The process of applying a tinted Briwax finish is similar to that of a beeswax finish though the former will result in a deeper color depth with a brownish tint.

Linseed Oil and Wax Finish

Metal fence close upWhen professionally applied, a linseed oil and wax finish will leave your fencing with a semi-transparent and lustrous look. The finish is waxed and buffed for an added protection of the underlying metal after the right color and texture are achieved.

A linseed oil and wax finish is the best option for places with harsh weather elements since it can withstand these elements. You can opt to have tints added to the finish achieved to set your fence apart.


This is the cheapest customization option for your wrought iron fence. There are different surface preparation techniques used to enhance the adherence of the paint used to your fence.

Painting a wrought iron fence is unlike that of other metal surfaces. A metal-etching acid-based primer will be first applied then a water-based acrylic latex or enamel paint applied to the wrought iron.


These are the finish options for those aiming to preserve the appearance of raw iron but are concerned about the corrosion-resistance of their fence. In hot-dip galvanizing, the material used for your fence will be dipped in zinc to generate a shiny finish which is rust-resistant. There are different levels of shine, which can be achieved for your fence to match your desired look.

To guarantee the durability of these finishes, you should trim your hedges so that they do not scratch your fence’s surfaces. Retouching treatments of the finishes will also be essential to protect the underlying wrought iron and keep your fence looking exceptional. With the range of finishes available, it is now possible to get a customized look for your property with a wrought iron fence.

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