Five Romantic Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary


If you are celebrating your first wedding anniversary, then you are probably thinking of numerous ways to make the day extra special. Wedding anniversaries are a great opportunity to break your mundane routine as a couple. It is also the best time to enjoy the things that can help you remember why got married in the first place.

Whether you are planning to spend it in Dempsey Hill to have brunch in a fancy restaurant or do something else, here are a few ideas to help you make your wedding anniversary even more romantic.

Look back at everything that has happened

Your anniversary is the best time to take a trip down memory lane. It is also a great time to reminisce everything that has happened in your relationship. You can start by taking out your wedding day photo album and watching your wedding video. Try to remember each moment as if it only happened yesterday. You will surely get warm feelings as you browse through the pages.

Recreate your first date

Recreating your first date is probably the ultimate throwback of them all. Going back to where everything started is a fun and romantic idea. Do you still remember how you met your partner? Do you still have the same dress that you wore on your first date? Try recreating everything and see how it goes. There is nothing more romantic than remembering how everything fell into place for the first time.

Host a party


Another great way to mark your first anniversary is to host a brunch party and invite your guests at the wedding, especially those who were a big help throughout your journey towards the big day. Invite them over for a full-course meal in a private dining restaurant or even just a barbeque session in your backyard. The important thing is that you make them feel that they have made a significant impact on your union as a couple and you would like to extend your gratitude for it.

Prepare breakfast in bed

There is no better way to start your anniversary than by preparing a deluxe breakfast in bed. Try doing things that you would not usually do like making some waffles and pairing these with glasses of freshly squeezed juice. You can even add in a few brownies to cap it off. It is always great to start your day with a full meal and a whole lot of love.

Get out and enjoy

Go some place where you can spend the whole day together. Make the experience even more memorable by shutting off all your mobile devices and then, just enjoy each other’s company as if you are only dating. It is always best to spend quality time together and quickly escape from your busy lives even for just a while.

What is truly important here is that you get to spend time with each other and celebrate your relationship. It is fun to step back a little and reminisce everything that has happened for the past year. And it is even better if you look forward to the many more years you will be spending your life together.

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