The Perks of Having a Green Roof

green roof in the building

When you think of a roof, what comes to mind is the standard shelter-providing piece made up of wood, metal, or plastic. But can you imagine a roof filled with greenery, plants, and vegetation?

It might sound a little out of this world, but those types of roofs are becoming a trend, especially in urban settings. These are called green roofs or rooftop gardens. Now you might be wondering, “What’s the point of having a garden in your roof?” You might think it’s only for aesthetic and decoration purposes.

It’s more than that. Green roofs are very sustainable and eco-friendly options that also solve modern-day heat and air pollution problems. Here are some benefits of having a green roof:

Aesthetic Value

How exactly do these things work? Simple. They make use of the roof space as a place to grow greens, vegetation, plants, flowers, etc. It’s a garden on top of your house!  Having trees and different types of plants growing on your roof is undoubtedly a beautiful sight. It makes for a unique roofing option that will get your neighbors to stand in awe.


Aside from its aesthetic value, green roofs offer a more sustainable benefit. Plants are natural heat absorbers. As they absorb heat, they convert it and produce fresh air and oxygen. Having a lot of greenery on your roof will help cool it down during hot summer days.

Because of the natural heat absorption caused by plants, you’re significantly reducing the detrimental effects of air pollution. The immense heat and stronger UV rays from the sun are becoming serious problems. Having a green roof allows you to contribute to the betterment of society and Mother Nature.


plants growing on a wall

Because the plants in your green roof absorb all the heat touching the surface of your home, they’re bound to have a natural cooling effect. Just think of the garden or forest breeze you enjoy so much. That’s exactly what a green roof can bring to your home.

Thus, you’re going to save so much on your electric expenses. You can turn down your use of the air conditioning unit or ceiling fans. Instead, nature will provide you with an extra line of defense against extreme summer heat.

Building a green roof might sound expensive. Sure, it’s a sophisticated touch to add to your home, but surprisingly, it doesn’t cost a lot. Although it might cost a little higher than regular roofs, it can prolong roof life by twice as much, making sure you’re getting your investment’s worth.

With the continuous rise of environmental problems and the detrimental effects of global warming, having a green roof is a viable solution. It solves the modern-day issues of heat and air pollution while giving your home an aesthetically pleasing touch.

Some homeowners and establishments opt to DIY their rooftop gardens. But if you’re not up for the job, there are roofing contractors who can take charge of the building process ­— from laying down the foundation to installing greenhouse window shades.

With all its benefits, a green roof doesn’t seem like such an extreme idea, after all. It’s much like having a garden in your backyard, only this time it’s located at the top of your house! Wouldn’t you want a beautiful, eco-friendly garden as a roof, too?

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