Moving-In Guide: Things You Need to Do After Moving In To Your New Home


Now you’ve done all the essential preparations needed when you decided you want to move to a different house. You’re done scouting new houses for sale, you’ve set up everything with the movers, and you’re off to live an entirely different lifestyle. It’s time to get started with organizing your things once you’ve reached your new home. It could get a little overwhelming at first, arriving at your new house seeing the vast open and empty space. Think of it as a brand new opportunity to start over fresh fill that space one by one. You would need to set up your checklist once you’ve arrived to make sure you don’t miss anything, and make sure that you would keep everything in track and everything goes accordingly to plan. Here are a few reminders that could help you:

Before Unpacking, Inspect and Clean the House

While it is extremely exciting to start with unpacking your essential items like your appliances immediately, you first need to inspect the house before doing so properly. Properly survey the amount of space that you have before proceeding to unpack certain items, so that you would know which items are a perfect fit and compatible for a particular room. Also, take this excellent opportunity to clean the house while there are still no items around so that it would be easier.

Start With the Furniture

After you’ve done the proper cleaning, you may start arranging your items accordingly, and you can start with the bigger and important ones like your living room furniture, kitchen appliances, and bedroom furniture. One good thing about starting with an empty house is that you can have a floor plan beforehand to make sure that everything could fit in specific spaces. You could also seek the help of experts to have everything planned out even before the big move. Make sure you have the layout ready once you start moving around furniture.

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Unpack: Set Up Your Other Amenities and Items

The whole moving process could be stressful, especially since it involves a lot of boxes. Make sure that you have correctly labelled the boxes so that it would be easier to place them around the house. You would need to start early in unpacking these boxes to save time, and organize which box would go in which room. Since there would be several boxes, start sorting them out on the first day of the move. Having the items stuck inside the boxes for too long wouldn’t be good as well.

Arrange Your Clothes in the Closets

Unpacking might take more than a day, but on the duration of that first day, you would need to prioritize unpacking the necessities. One of these necessities is your clothes. Once you’ve unpacked your boxes, follow through with your clothes, start arranging them according to the assigned closets to get everything organized. You could begin unpacking the clothes that you’re used to wearing everyday and then fold them neatly just as you would in your previous home. From there, you could also begin unpacking all your essentials: shampoo, toothbrushes, soap, facial wash, and many more.

While it could be intimidating to start over again, with an organized plan to follow, you can start filling that space little by little until it starts to feel like home.

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