Decorating Your Child’s Space Without Breaking The Bank

As a child grows up, he or she will develop a sense of individuality and will start to yearn for ways to express it. That's why most children start buying posters and other decorative pieces to help them reflect their personality creatively.

As a parent, you would want to help them in every way that you can. However, with a limited budget, is it even possible to give your child’s room a makeover?


Decorating a space with limited funds


Fortunately, there are ways to help you decorate your child's space without breaking the bank. One way to do it is through peel-and-stick decals and wall paper sets that you can purchase online. It's a perfect solution for people who are renting and do not want to paint their space. You can use decals as part of the entire layout or have fun with it by buying wood frames and make the decal look like a painting.


As your child grows older and expresses the desire for a new design, you can remove the wall decals and change it into something else. Having the option to change the look of your child's room is crucial, especially once he or she starts going to school. While studying, some extra space to work on homework and school projects would be helpful. You can opt for moving the bed to provide ample space for a desk and chair.


Utilizing available space


Aside from moving their beds in one corner, another option for small, shared bedrooms is giving your children bunk beds. Most kids prefer them over regular beds because the ladder adds a sense of whimsy to this piece of furniture. What you can do is to set a rotating schedule for your kids every week or month. Doing so will allow them to know what it feels like to sleep on both bunks.


Aside from changing up your kids’ bedroom, you also need to ensure that their closets remain organized. Since they won't be able to reach the top level of their dresser just yet, it should not surpass the maximum height that your kids can reach. You can also install hanging rods at the right height so that they can quickly get their clothes easily. It's also best to label each drawer to keep the dresser organized. More importantly, include a footstool for them to use in case they need to get items on the higher shelves.


Having fun


Lastly, try your best to have a little bit of fun redecorating. Most kids, at a certain age, develop a passion for a wide variety of things ranging from outer space to tiny insects. Some develop a love for reading while others may admire a famous cartoon character. Adding a few wall decals that can reflect their interests can help delight and inspire your child.


These are only a few things that you should consider when redecorating your child's space. Remember that you're only limited by your imagination and budget. Try browsing magazines or websites for inspiration so you can get everything started. Lastly, ask for your child's input on how he or she wants the room to look. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, your child will the one staying in it.


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