Picking the Perfect Light for Your Truck

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The truck or pickup truck has become the modern workhorse of country boys and urbanites. These useful vehicles help farmers haul their produce and tow heavy cargo, while urbanites love to take their tricked-out trucks on off-road adventures with their peers. Since they can easily handle any type of terrain and can be used in any situation, trucks have been a favorite of car fans worldwide.

Given the advantages of owning a truck, it’s best to know what type of light you should add to your vehicle. Adding aftermarket lights is recommended, especially if you’re a volunteer first responder or emergency worker. Lights are essential safety features as they help illuminate the road while driving through low visibility. Here are some pointers to help you pick the perfect light for your truck:

Driving Lights

Classified as “auxiliary lights,” driving lights help provide better visibility of drivers. They were designed to complement a pickup truck’s OEM or headlamps. Driving lights offer a powerful and wider beam to help drivers identify possible obstacles on the road. These lamps are commonly forward-mounted or installed in front of a truck or. Never use it as your primary headlights because you might be cited for violating traffic laws.

LED Light Bars

These lights were made from LED or an array of light-emitting diodes. They have been a popular choice among pickup owners as they provide powerful illumination but consume less energy. LED light bars for trucks offer other features such as different flash patterns and color options (limited to military, law enforcement, and civil first responders only), and electronic control systems. They are also tough enough to withstand bumps and resist moisture or changes in temperature.

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Off-road Lights

Off-road lights are not just decorative pieces on your truck; they’re primarily used while driving on rough terrains or when visibility is limited. There are two types of off-road lights on the market:

  • Spotlights – their straight beams provide stronger light output to illuminate longer distances. Spotlights are ideal for search and rescue (SAR), law enforcement operations, or high-speed driving.
  • Floodlights – their beam patterns are focused and intense compared to spotlights. Floodlights are often installed on a truck’s roof or sides to provide illumination while driving in unfamiliar trails.

When shopping for off-road lights, consider the different types of bulbs used by these truck lamps. High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs offer powerful illumination but have a 2,000-hour service life. LED lights are brighter and have longer service lives (around 30,000 hours) but are expensive. Halogen bulbs are the most cost-effective, but they have a 1,000-hour service life, which is the shortest. Choose what you think is best for your truck’s needs.

Reverse or Backup Lights

Aside from light bars, off-road, and driving lights, your truck might need auxiliary reverse lights. Although your pickup’s standard reverse lights can provide an ample amount of illumination, backing up can prove to be challenging in dimly-lit areas. You might end up hitting a huge rock, tree, another vehicle, or a person. Consider installing an additional light pod to help your stock reverse lights when backing up.

There you have it! A short but comprehensive list of truck lights for you to review. Before making any purchases, make sure to know what you need and why. Check reviews and consider its quality. Make wise decisions as these lights are essential safety features for your beloved truck.

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