How to Involve Kids in Planning a Birthday Party

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Planning the perfect party for your child can be challenging — kids can be incredibly picky, and what works for adults might not necessarily work for them. Since you can’t read your kids’ minds, the best way to ensure that they get the party that they want is to involve them in the party planning process. They don’t need to decide every aspect of the party, but there are a few things that they can contribute in order to make the party special and personalized. Here’s what you can do to throw the best party that your child will remember for years to come:

Let them design their own cake

What’s a birthday party without a great birthday cake? You can let your kid decide what birthday cake they want by showing them reference photos that they can take to the local bakery. But you could go a step further by actually letting them design a birthday cake online and have it scheduled for delivery on the day of the party.

Settle on the party theme together

Get together with your kid and have them write down all of their favorite things — it can be anything from toys and video games to movies and TV shows. From this list, narrow down any possible topics that you could turn into a theme. Keep an open mind and don’t shoot down any unconventional or non-traditional ideas. Think of them instead as a fun challenge.

DIY the party decorations

Rather than buying decorations from a party store, have your child design it themselves instead. There are plenty of DIY birthday party decoration tutorials you can refer to online that your kid can easily construct with your assistance. They can also do simple things like set the table, fill in party favor bags, and blow balloons.

Set up a gift registry for guests

Gift registries aren’t just for weddings, they can be for birthday parties too. This is a great way to help out your guests who are having a difficult time figuring out what present to get. You might even get a great idea of what present to give them yourself. It’s also a lot of fun for your child to pick out their own presents, but just make it clear to them that this is only a list of gift suggestions or a wish list, not a list of things they’re actually sure to get.

Allow them to pick out the party food

If your kid is a notoriously picky eater, it’s best to get their seal of approval when it comes to the food being served during the party. If you can, try cooking the food with your kid. They can set up the ingredients and you can guide them during the cooking process. Another way to make sure you’re serving what they want is to set up a food tasting. Cook your child’s favorites then have them pick and choose which meals and treats they want to be served.

Purchase and assemble your own loot bags

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Head to the grocery store with your kid and pick out some bags of candies, loot bags, and small party favors to give out to your guests. When you get home, dump each of the bags of candy and party favors into separate bowls or piles. Have your kid pick up and drop one of each candy and party favor into the loot bags.

Plan the perfect birthday celebration for your kid by involving them in the planning process. It’s a great way to bond with them and ensure that they get the party of their dreams.

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