Off the Wall: 3 Creative Ways to Create Backyard Privacy

woman trimming hedge using shears

One tricky thing about outdoor spaces is privacy. You want to create a sense of seclusion in the place, but at the same time, you want to keep its openness and airiness. In other words, you want it to be private, but not too private. As much as possible, you want to do away with solid, concrete walls blocking your views in the yard.

If you’re looking for off-the-wall, beyond-the-wall creative solutions for privacy, here are some awesome ideas:


If you’re into a natural, eco-friendly approach when creating a place of retreat, then go for plants. This is a common option among homeowners since trees are also effective in screening noises and protecting the landscape from harsh weather conditions. Plus, they add a nice texture to the space. If you’re going for this option, note that this would require constant care and maintenance to make sure the plants are in good shape all year round.

Start your landscaping planning by determining how many feet of land you’ll cover — this would dictate how many plants you would get. Consider the yard size too, so you can determine the right size of trees and achieve a good sense of proportion.

As for the actual planting, prioritize proper spacing so that there would be enough area for the trees’ roots to spread out. In case you would want variety in natural privacy elements, you can add hedges and potted plants. Use large vintage copper garden planters for better visual appeal.


man installing fenceThis is also a good option because they don’t completely block the view, while giving you the privacy you need. If you have children who will be using your yard all the time, this is a must-have around the perimeter of your space. It will keep them in and strangers out.

Now, you have a lot of options for fences. What you should keep in mind when choosing is the over-all style of your garden.

If you have a contemporary design, it’s best to go for metal fences with horizontal slats. Such fixtures easily capture the minimalist style modern designs are famous for. If you have a Japanese Zen garden, consider having a bamboo fence. This complements the simplicity of the design and adds another natural element into the space. If you’re planning to build a classical, English garden, wrought-iron fences are the best match.

The bottom line here is don’t leave fences as an afterthought in your backyard design. They should go well with your overall aesthetic vision for the space.


This option is most useful when creating different zones in your backyard. If you’re planning to have an area for entertainment, meditation, and children’s play, outdoor screens can very well make those sections distinct.

You have two options for this: the freestanding and the articulated. The former, as the label suggests, won’t have any structure to connect to — it will stand on its own. The latter, on the other hand, are a series of panels joined together. Your choice will depend on the views you want to screen or limit.

There are lots of ways to create a sense of privacy in your outdoor space — beyond the concrete wall. Be creative in your options. Try out these ideas and revamp your yard’s look.

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