The Simple Life of the Suburbs

suburban neighborhood

Living in the city can have its downfalls. Well, a lot of downfalls. Rent is way more expensive, and you’re most likely to get a small cramped up space. Besides that, the living cost is prohibitive. Services will charge you up to thrice the amount that you would typically get if you were in the suburbs.

A commercial garage door service that you can get for around $80 can cost you $200 up to $250 in the city. Salt Lake City, Utah boasts a ton of neighborhoods that can house the suburban lifestyle that you might be craving.

Homesnacks made a list of the top 10 suburbs in Salt Lake. It includes the following areas:

1. South Jordan

2. Highland

3. Farmington

4. Holladay

5. Midway

6. Kaysville

7. Syracuse

8. Cottonwood Heights

9. Alpine

10. Cedar Hills

These areas were chosen for various reasons: low unemployment rate, how dense the population is, the income of each household, poverty rate, etc. Suburban life has a fair share of benefits, especially if you’re looking to settle down. Here are some of them:

1. Not crowded

The suburb is designed to accommodate a specific number of residents. Homes are usually pre-built and can generally house one big family. Since there are not as many people as there are in the city, you can get to know everyone around your area with ease. This also creates a sense of community – it fulfills the individual’s social need. Fewer people also means lower traffic levels. So do not worry about spending hours on the road ever again.

2. Safer

family taking a walk in the neighborhoodGenerally speaking, suburban areas have lower crime rates. Since everyone knows everyone else, the chances of crimes are fewer. If we’re being honest, we all would value safety when it comes to choosing where we’re going to live. Security allows you to have a better sleep. It also gives your kids more freedom to roam around without the fear of being harmed.

3. Private spaces

Unlike living in apartment units where you can literally hear your upstairs neighbor’s footsteps, suburban living gives you more privacy. With open spaces that set more distance between you and your next door neighbor, you no longer have to worry if your friends are making too much noise on game night or if you have to tell the kids to hush down when they’re playing video games.

4. Cheaper land and property

On top of being offered bigger houses, the price per acre could be lower than apartment rentals in Manhattan. You can also work this to your advantage if you want to set up a small business that can thrive in the suburbs. You wouldn’t have to worry about renting a space anymore because it would be more financially sound to just invest in buying the whole land.

5. More quality education

Since there the population is lower compared to the city, there is a better teacher to student ratio. In return, teachers can focus more on the students’ actual learning rather than cramming all their knowledge into a full class.

If you’re just done with the city life and are looking for peace and quiet, maybe it’s time to give the suburbs a shot.

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