Red Flags You Need to Know When Buying A House

Man handing over keys to new home

Whether it’s your first time to buy a house or you’re already looking for a second investment, it’s crucial that you remain vigilant when searching for homes. Looking for houses can be overwhelming sometimes, primarily when a few properties get sold fast. But there are things that you need you to watch out for so that you’re aware of the property’s condition.

For houses to sell fast, sellers would often conduct quick fixes to mask any issues with the property. Sellers don’t usually let buyers know about these issues until the buyers find it out for themselves. So before you sign any contract, you need to learn how to narrow down your choices using proper inspections, and keeping an eye out for these warning signs for house hunters.

Foul smell

HGTV says that you need to be very particular about the smell around the house. If you smell anything funky, then it means that there’s more to the property than meets the eye. Take a closer look at the windowsills and the underside of drawers to check for any mold patch. Also, check the cupboards and rooms for any damp smells. These could indicate that the property has a few ventilation or leak problems which can become more severe in the long run.

Fresh paint

Although most sellers often apply a layer of fresh paint around the house and land in Werribee to make it look clean, there’s also a chance that some are hiding more significant problems like mildew or even mold. You need to check for saggy walls or ceilings, and anyways check if there are any leaks around the house. You can also consider hiring a house inspector for extra precautions.

house with a car port


Property Reporter says that structural damage can be the most expensive problem to repair in a house, so try to look for any cracks in the interiors such as in the ceilings and walls. You should also look for any exterior cracks in the drop bays. These could mean that the property has progressive or historical subsidence, which can affect its structural stability. One way to find out if cracks should be any cause for worries is by using a leveler. If it isn’t over 10mm wide, you can speak with a structural engineer to see if it’s a sign of an even more severe problem.

Electrical sockets and switches

Sockets and switches are problem areas that frequently go unnoticed. Check for any burned or brown areas as these could be indications of inadequate wiring provisions. You should also check for any circuits that won’t work or any flickering lights. These are all symptoms of wiring issues, which could be expensive to repair. Also, look out for any old home wiring, too.

These are only a few of the warning signs that you need to watch out for when buying a house. Some of these problems require extensive repairs, which could affect your budget in the long run. So, check for any of these signs when you’re doing your house hunting. If you ever see any of the few telltale signs, then it’s best to look for another property instead.

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