Living Room Design Ideas: Fireplace and TV Placement

Luxurious living room with television and fireplace

It may be difficult but necessary to combine more than one main design element into a single room. For instance, you may want to include both a TV and a fireplace in your living room. As these are both main focal points, this layout brings concerns about stylistic design and the viewing angle for the TV. However, there are several ways for you to install a new fireplace and TV set in the same area without taking away from design and experience.

Before making this attempt, remember to maintain a delicate balance between your fireplace and TV. They are both focal points that should be warm, welcoming, and not at all out of proportion or scale. What combination will work best for your living space?


A cohesive layout means bringing both the fireplace and TV together. The TV is placed directly above the fireplace. Ideally, both elements are matched in scale and have similarly sized components. This allows them to seem as though they are of a single piece. Both points can be drawn together further if they are surrounded by similar styles of wood frames and molding details. This can inspire greater overall design cohesion.

When employing this type of design, make sure your TV is not too high up the wall. It should be just the right height so you won’t have to strain when watching TV.


You can also choose to separate the fireplace and TV in different walls in the same living area. Determine a primary focal piece you want to bring greater focus to. You can use contrasting colors and materials to grab the attention of guests and draw them into looking at either the fireplace or the TV.

For a different perspective, consider separating both focal points with an angled wall. With this type of design, both pieces can remain central and primary.

Art Form

Modern living room with tv and fireplaceYour living room can also be artistically styled. Combine a fireplace and a TV on the same level but not directly on top of the other. In this case, balance can be achieved with a TV and firebox being of about the same size and taking up the same amount of space on the wall.

Remember to take texture into consideration. Hard and distinct fireplace surround textures can make the focal points seem subtler. Guests may focus on wood and stone instead of on the fireplace or TV.

Depending on the color scheme you choose and whether it is turned on, a fireplace can become less noticeable and essentially be camouflaged against a stone background.

Three Focal Points

It’s difficult enough to incorporate two main design points in the same space. But you may be able to include three elements when you adopt an asymmetrical layout. This design strategy can allow you to have a TV, fireplace, and piece of art in a single wall. This will work if you can balance the dimensions of all the pieces with that of the wall itself.

Design strategies are specific to your room. The appropriate layout for your fireplace and TV will likely depend on the size of the space and the aesthetic of your home.

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