These Household Problems Don’t Happen Out of Nowhere

Plumber fixing the water heater

It’s hard to notice changes happening at home when you’re there every day. Something might be happening slowly right under your nose, but until it becomes a severe problem, you may remain oblivious.

This is something that happens to even the most responsible homeowner, so don’t beat yourself up over it. However, you can be more aware of these signs:

Water Heater Malfunction

You may be surprised one day that your heater has stopped working, presumably without warning. But is that the case, or have you had small problems with it before? That glitch that left you with cold water in the middle of your bath or that isolated instance where it took several tries to get the heater to work may have been giving you a sign. Water heaters can withstand the demand for hot water in Salt Lake City’s winter, but it may still break down due to misuse or simply because it has been in use for so long. Watch out for signs that it’s becoming less efficient, as a breakdown may soon follow.

Air Conditioner Problem

Technician fixing the air conditionerSame with a water heater, the air conditioner seems to be working perfectly until one day it just stops. You’ll be even more surprised if you haven’t been cleaning it regularly, which means you don’t know the real condition inside the appliance. There may be some parts needing replacement, but they’re hidden from plain sight by the housing that makes the AC look pretty and sophisticated. Then, when you feel that the temperature isn’t as cool as you wanted, you chalk it up to the outside temperature being higher, and your response is to crank up the AC. The first sign that your AC needs repair is inconsistent temperature settings, so have it checked when you encounter that problem.

Faulty Fridge

It’s rare that you’ll need a new fridge in the same decade and you may have had the same unit ever since you can remember. It’s one of those appliances in the house that seem to be able to withstand everything. And what could damage a fridge anyway, when all it does is sit there and keep food refrigerated? If your fridge produces ice, this process may lower the lifespan of the appliance, especially with improper cleaning. One day you’ll just wake up to the fridge not working and, if it started in the dead of night, you may have to throw away everything that has gone bad, leaving a foul odor behind. It’s hard to watch for signs when it comes to the fridge, but you’ll never go wrong with a thorough inspection as you defrost it. Power surges may also affect its mechanism and may trip its power supply. Pay attention to how much it’s able to keep food cool without meddling with its settings, and if you notice it’s taking longer than usual, you’ll know something’s wrong.

Household responsibilities don’t stop at mortgage payments. You also need to watch out for the health of every appliance in the house that the family uses every day.

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