Looking Good and Feeling Good: A Guide for Men

It’s a popular misconception that men don’t care for appearances. If that was true, cosmetic lines, perfumes, and fitness brands catered towards men wouldn’t exist. At the end of the day, everyone wants to look good and be loved- and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Below are some tips to help you out, and not just in looking better, but feeling better as well.

Workout to Feel Good and Look Good

Of course, one of the most important things for men (or everyone, in general) is how their body looks. And this isn’t just a shallow matter. Your body’s appearance does matter, and being unhappy with it can lead to anxiety or depression. One of the best ways you can counteract this is by taking control of your body image.

Be realistic about it, exercise with the intent to feel good. Through consistency and regular training, you’ll soon find that you’re developing a body that you like. It doesn’t have to be sudden and drastic- you can slowly work your way up to the ‘hardcore’ exercises even if you start out by simply jogging in the morning or lifting lighter weights. Working out is one of the best things you can ever decide for yourself, and it’s advice that’s always good to heed.

Eat Better to Maintain Weight

Exercise and diet come hand in hand, and that’s something that’s supported by science. No matter how much you exercise, it will all be moot if you don’t match the right diet with it. Keeping a healthy diet is crucial to your mental health as well. Eating the right food can help reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, and of course, the commonly known benefits of being healthier and more energized are welcome as well.

While you’re at it, learn to cook delicious and healthy food. This makes the act of eating healthy meals fun, as it not only tastes good, but it’s something you pour your energy and efforts into.

Skin Care is Also Important

Men aren’t particularly known for caring too much about their skin. But the skin is among the largest organs in our body, and it’s definitely worth the effort to maintain. For starters, it’s as simple as cleaning your face with soap before you sleep, using proper shaving cream, and keeping your face moisturized. If you find that your skin is too dry yet you drink enough water, your environment might be to blame.

Consider getting your air vents cleaned, as a vent can either suck up the moisture in the air or expel bacteria that can trigger facial dryness or even pimples.

Your Clothes Matter

mens clothes

Another important thing to consider is your clothing. It’s best to dress for your body type, as it will not only make you feel good and comfortable, it will also make you look good. Look into what types of clothing work best for your body shape. This can even be mixed and matched further with your own personal taste, coming up with a very unique style that accentuates your best features.

However, making the correct fashion choices matters little if you can’t take care of your clothes. It’s one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of fashion: keeping your clothes clean. Find out which clothing is cleaned a certain way, which one needs dry cleaning, and which one can work in the laundry. And have your dryer vent professionally cleaned too, as too much moisture can destroy your clothes.

Soft Skills are Hard

If you can go back in time and teach your younger self one thing, one of the most important skills you can ever impart is communication skills. Not everyone has “the gift of gab”, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeking out improvements. As we all live in a very social world, we need to be talking to other people constantly.

While not everyone is happy or confident with how they communicate, it’s ultimately something that can be improved upon. For one, you can start by taking speech classes. Visit a speech therapist if you must. Just remember that communication is a developed skill and not just something that comes naturally. By practicing and adapting to changes around you, you can improve how you talk and be a happier and friendlier person.

Ultimately, looking good and feeling good is all up to the person. The steps given here are a great start, but without conscious decision and effort, they will all be in vain. Just remember that your happiness doesn’t rely on other people’s validation: you need to learn to love yourself and to also let others love you.

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