Bachelor’s Apartment vs. One-bedroom Apartment: What’s Right for You?


Deciding what housing is right for you often depends on one factor: budget. Let’s face it. Everyone wants to live in a mansion if they can afford it. If we cannot, we like a single-detached home or a townhouse, at least. If we still cannot afford that, we’d love to have a one-bedroom apartment. And then, finally, if the circumstances don’t allow us to have an apartment with a separate bedroom, we’re okay with a bachelor’s apartment.

Budget is a telling factor, of course, although some men prefer a bachelor’s apartment because it is so easy to maintain. You don’t even have to clean much of the space because it’s usually very tiny. It’s cheap, too, which makes it the perfect choice for college students, cash-strapped adults, and retirees. But if you’re somewhere between choosing a bachelor’s apartment and a one-bedroom apartment, what should you pick?

One-bedroom Apartment

Look, everyone wants to live in a nice neighborhood and a townhouse or detached family home like the ones in Westbrook Estate. The space, stability, community, and security are some of the things that people pay for when they decide to live in gated communities and upper-class neighborhoods. But not all people, especially those who are just starting in their careers, can afford to be in that situation.

So while you’re saving up to someday afford a single detached family home, here you are deciding if a one-bedroom apartment is right for you. A one-bedroom apartment is the cheapest thing near an actual home with walls, dividers, and rooms. The biggest distinction between a one-bedroom apartment and a bachelor’s apartment is the bedroom. There is a separate bedroom for the former. There’s a clear division of where the living room, kitchen, and bedroom are.

Often, a one-bedroom apartment is the same in size as a studio-type apartment (which has a small divider or alcove or loft for a bedroom) and a bachelor’s apartment. However, a one-bedroom apartment will look larger because the resident isn’t looking at all the space in a single area.

The most important thing to remember with a one-bedroom apartment is that you’re paying for the privacy. It has a bedroom with actual walls that will provide the privacy you need. It also has a separate space for the living room and kitchen. Usually, these apartments feel like a small version of a detached home.

Bachelor’s Apartment


The bachelor’s apartment is simply a space. It’s a living room, kitchen, and bedroom all in one. The only room with a separate door is the bathroom. Other than that, it is up to you to arrange your furniture so that it will create zones for your kitchen, living room, and sleeping areas. A bachelor’s apartment is typically only for one person. It has less square footage than a one-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment.

In fact, a bachelor’s apartment is so small that it will take only one look to see everything in it. While it has limited space, it doesn’t mean you cannot turn it into a wonderful home. If you do not have a flair for designing your space, ask someone (your sister, mother, or partner) to help turn it into a home.

You have to remember, however, that a bachelor’s apartment will not give you the privacy that a one-bedroom apartment can. You will find it hard to welcome guests into your home because that means letting them see your bed, closet, and whatever personal things you have lying around. Since you do not have a dedicated bedroom, this means that you won’t be having a house party anytime soon (unless you are okay with people drinking beer while sitting on your bed).

What to Choose Between the Two?

So what should you pick if you’re looking for your own place? It depends on which stage of your life you are in. If you are in a serious relationship and you’re planning to move in together sometime in the future, you must at least have a one-bedroom apartment. While a bachelor’s apartment is a safe, practical, and affordable alternative, it doesn’t have the flexibility of being in a serious relationship in the future. You might find yourself looking for another apartment when that time comes. It’s always a good idea to look ahead and plan for the future.

Life will throw curveballs at you. Whatever type of apartment you choose, it’s important to understand that this will likely be temporary (unless you’re a retiree who wants to live on his own). You will have to upgrade your space in the future, whether it’s because you’re getting married or you’ve realized you need more space for your hobbies, interests, and home office. Don’t let the pressure get to you when choosing a type of apartment. Consider your needs, and you’ll be all set.

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