Emergencies always matter


Regardless of whether the  dental practice is open or closed, patients should be able to trust that their caring and dedicated dentists at Sheen Dental in Richmond will provide that professional assistance when needed in the case of an emergency.

So if a patient has suffered an injury or a tooth is causing them immense pain, perhaps they have lost a crown or their tooth is chipped or cracked, they should give their local practice a ring so that their dentist can remotely assess the situation and give their patient relevant and helpful advice.

Many people tend to brush aside pain or injuries, thinking that their body will naturally repair itself over time. However this is not always the case and it is impossible to tell if this will happen. An individual needs a dentist to take a look at their situation and perhaps even take a scan of their mouth to get a deeper insight into any damage that has been done.

Some emergencies can often be avoided with regular dental care, so that dentists can monitor small changes and stop decay or disease in its tracks. But other situations cannot be avoided. By choosing a non-judgemental and approachable team who do not focus on the past or the possible mistakes their patients may have made in not coming to them sooner, you have done the right thing. Dentists should look at the present moment and how they can alleviate discomfort and restore a patient’s smile back to a beautiful and functional one. Then plan for the patient’s future dental health.

How long should a patient have to wait?

dentist treating patient

Patients are urged to call the dental practice immediately if they are in pain; if they can see unexplainable redness and swelling that hasn’t gone away; they have a stubborn ulcer; feel unwell because of their mouth or if they have had an injury to their face or mouth.

The longer that they leave these situations, the harder it may be for a dentist to restore their smile and this may mean it is more expensive for the patient and more complicated.

Even if a crown has broken off or some other previous restorative dental treatment has been broken or removed, then that tooth is exposed and if left too long, damage will occur and a dentist may not be able to guarantee that they can restore the tooth again.

The general aim is to provide patients, who are looking for an emergency treatment, with a same day service. Depending on the severity of the situation, dentists will attempt to see you within an hour.

If a patient has avulsed a tooth, time is of the essence. If they can reduce the handling of the tooth, keeping it either in their mouth or in a small jar of milk, if they can reach the dental practice within an hour, reinsertion of the tooth may be possible.

This is always much preferred rather than needing to provide an individual with a replacement false tooth, however innovative the designs are these days.

When a patient calls, helpful staff members can provide them with relevant information that can make or break the current situation. If advice is followed, patients and dentists are able to work together, albeit initially remotely for the time being, to ensure that discomfort is reduced and the chances of a successful outcome are thankfully increased.

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