How family solicitors can help you

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Let’s face it, any process requiring the use of family solicitors has the potential to be stressful, unpleasant, or even drawn out. Family law disputes can be very difficult waters to navigate and with the help of reliable and experienced family solicitors in Portsmouth, this stress can be alleviated to a much greater degree. It’s imperative to consult experts early in order to achieve satisfactory resolutions as soon as possible, benefitting each person involved.

Looking for the best outcome for everyone involved

Good representation will put the focus on any children involved, ensuring they have the best outcome possible in any given scenario. This means that the solicitor’s aim is for both parties to separate as amicably as possible regardless of the cause of separation.

When to use family solicitors in Portsmouth?

There are a number of reasons you may need to get solicitors involved, these include but are not limited to, separation or divorce, finances relating to marriage or partnership, the best interests of the children, international disputes, pre-marital arrangements, civil partnerships and cohabitation. Any of these areas may involve complicated legal implications should a separation occur. It is therefore helpful to have someone involved with an abundance of experience dealing with your specific needs. Look at the past cases and reviews for your chosen solicitors and determine if they will be able to assist you personally.

Look for a personal approach


When cases are dealt with in a sensitive way then you can rest assured that your solicitor won’t add any unnecessary stress to an already potentially stressful situation. In fact, when your case is dealt with effectively and with good communication and without piling on additional fees then much can be done to alleviate stress and leave you feeling confident you are getting the best outcome.


We’ve already mentioned children briefly but what can you do to help them through this time? Perhaps you are struggling to see them or maybe you’re a grandparent who wants more time with your grandchildren. You should be able to get advice, whether you are the parent, career, or other close relatives about the specifics of child care arrangements. If you are even considering divorce or separation then contacting your solicitor as early as possible will help you identify exactly how this will impact your children.


It’s hard to know the cost implication of separation and divorce, particularly if this is your first time. It’s important therefore to receive upfront and clear advice on exactly what to expect cost-wise and the potential longer-term implication financially of any decision. Experience will help your legal representation outline the best course of action for you with the projected costs so you don’t stumble across any nasty surprises.

Avoid confrontation

Regardless of the cause of dispute and marital breakdown, it is important to try and avoid confrontation. Finding a legal representative that shares these values is really key to achieving an amicable and low-stress resolution. Helpful advice regarding childcare, property, and assets will allow you to be guided through the process providing you with all the resources to make calm and collected decisions.

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