Don’t Ignore Your Business Parking Lot!

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If you have a large business establishment, you should provide a safe parking lot as part of proper building maintenance, ensuring the best service to your patrons. Considerations to take when maintaining parking lots include ensuring the area is free of potholes and having clear and distinct lines that indicate parking spaces where visitors can park in an orderly manner. All of these are essential as many people do not consider how parking lots could also be dangerous when they are not well-maintained. Owners of large establishments should practice commercial concrete repair and park striping to provide the best and safest parking space for visitors.

When to Get Parking Lot Striping

If you go to your business or commercial establishments daily, you can easily see if your parking lot needs repainting.

Parking Stripes No Longer Visible

Parking lot lines should be clear and highly visible against the dark pavement. Even during thunderstorms, foggy conditions, and heavy rain, drivers should still be able to see the parking stripes. If drivers cannot see your parking lines in the dark or rainy weather even with their headlights on, you need to consider repainting your parking lines.

People Are Parking Incorrectly

If you notice people are parking incorrectly, such as parking off-center, going over the lines, or parking over vertical dividing lines, chances are they cannot see the parking stripes on your lot anymore. This situation calls for immediate restriping to ensure the safety of your patrons.

Drivers are Ignoring Parking Spots for People with Disabilities

If you receive complaints or see that drivers are ignoring parking spaces designated for people with disabilities and are parking recklessly there, it could mean that your parking lines are too faded out. Besides repainting the parking spaces, it would also be a wise move to add signs so customers and guests can clearly see that this space has already been reserved.

Preparing for Parking Line Striping

Parking Line Striping

Once you know that your parking lot is in dire need of restriping, you need to know how to prepare. The process can affect your business, patrons, and employees for a few hours. Follow these tips and precautionary measures before painting over your parking area.

  • Clean the parking lot – Have the lot thoroughly cleaned, including sweeping of excess dirt, trash, and debris. Cleaning up before the striping process guarantees the paint will stick better and last longer on the pavement.

  • Have a thorough inspection of your parking lot – Freshly painted stripes will not last long if you are painting them over damaged surfaces. Inspect the area first and do necessary asphalt repairs before having the parking lines painted. Have your contractor check the area for other needed repairs and touch-ups. You can have them do everything in one go so you will only need to close off sections of your parking area once.

  • Ensure the parking lot stays dry – Make sure your lot stays dry by turning your sprinkling system off a day before painting the parking lines.

Having faded lines in your parking lot can be dangerous for your visitors, employees, and even yourself. This is why you should regularly check if your parking spaces need full or partial repainting. Line striping is a relatively fast and easy process as professional line striping companies use state-of-the-art technology to apply the paint, resulting in an organized parking space in just a few hours.

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