6 Ways to Improve Car Safety

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With millions of people involved in car accidents daily, it makes sense for car owners to equip their vehicles for maximum safety. Following are some tips that might help.

1. Apply Tint to Your Windows

Look up auto window tinting here in Phoenix, AZ if your windows aren’t tinted yet. It might seem like tinting is just a way to keep your interior private, but it’s also an excellent way to keep your eyes focused when driving against the sun.

A tinted window limits the glare when driving on icy roads, wet roads, or even at night when you’re driving against a high vehicle. The small film also helps keep the glass together if it shatters.

2. Check Your Tires Every Week

Get a pressure gauge to help you determine whether your tires are still at the right pressure. Deflated tires are not only gas-hungry but can also be dangerous on the road. It limits the accuracy of the car, makes it tougher to navigate, and decreases the car’s reaction and response to the driver.

Simply put, even if you’re already turning the wheels left, the tires are taking too long to give you the angle you want.

3. Check Your Lights Every Few Months

You want to make sure all car lights are functioning properly. It’s pretty easy to tell when one of your parking lights or headlights has a problem. For taillights, however, you’ll need to be more careful. These are your indicators when you want to turn, park, or go backwards.

If they’re not working, you might be broadsided on the road, and it’s going to be your fault instead of the other person.

4. Upgrade with Gadgets

Installed dash camHaving cameras all over your car can also help with safety issues. Particularly, cameras on the rear end make it easy when parking backwards or trying to get out of your parking spot. Cams also add security in case of third persons.

A dash cam will quickly tell others about how an accident started, thereby keeping you protected in case of insurance claims.

5. Complete Personal Health Check

It stands to reason that your car goes through routine annual checking to keep it running smoothly. This means having the oil changed, the brake fluid checked, the tire treads checked, and so on. However, did you ever think about having yourself checked?

An annual medical will help make sure that you’re ready to take the driving seat. Your eyes, ears, and reflexes should all be in good condition, so you’re fit to go behind the wheel. Annual medical checks also help lower your auto insurance costs.

6. Don’t Speed Up – Even if You Know the Area

Most accidents occur in places where drivers know the area and are therefore confident about all the twists and turns. Perfect prediction is impossible, however, and even if you’ve taken that road a thousand times before without any incident, it only takes one time for a problem to occur. Hence, stay within the speed limit at all times.

Maintaining car safety also means keeping your presence of mind as a driver. Do not do anything that will compromise your concentration, such as talking on the phone, using the phone, or being intoxicated while driving.

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