Four Signs Your Physician Doesn’t Want You to Ignore

Having a cunsultation with a phisician

Mothers in most families are honorary doctors. They diagnose and treat without seeking the help of a qualified physician. Also, most people, when they feel under the weather, often discuss the signs with their friends or family members, and they put off visiting a physician. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous to your health because you don’t get the right treatment or understand the cause of the health concern when you fail to visit a doctor.

People often ignore minor signs like cough or headache without knowing that they can be an indication of severe health conditions. You should seek treatment for the seemingly small health problems to avoid getting your health into serious issues later. You need to visit a physician when you fall sick suddenly or when illnesses last longer than usual. These signs should guide you on when to visit a general physician in Clive IA for professional medical evaluation.

Being Drop-Dead Tired

Exhaustion feels like normal, especially with the tight schedules that most people have these days. However, it could be an indication of a serious underlying health concern. You can tell if the excessive tiredness is something to worry about or not by analyzing certain things such as if you are sleeping for the usual hours, you are eating as usual, and if there is a change in your routine. It is time you called your physician if you often feel excessively tired, yet you have not recently changed your lifestyle. It could be a warning of a severe medical condition such as cancer or anemia.

Your Cold Becomes Unusually Bad

The truth is that people rarely visit a physician when they have a cold. However, it becomes necessary to do so when the cold doesn’t seem to pass or when it gets worse than before. You need to consult a physician if you experience painful swallowing, shortness of breath, or chest pain when you have flu. Additionally, you shouldn’t ignore an appointment with your physician when you have a fever, your muscles ache, or a severe cough that lasts for over two weeks.


Several people have, at some point, ignored headaches. You need to see a physician when you have persistent headaches for some time. Several factors cause headaches, such as eye fatigue, stress, and chronic conditions. A sudden, intense headache indicates a severe health issue such as aneurysm or burst blood vessel. Notably, headaches are also a warning sign of meningitis. You need to see a physician even if the headache is temporal.

Unexplained Weight Loss

Close-up of a female feet standing on weighing scale.

The chances are that you could be suffering from a severe issue if you are losing weight quickly, yet you are not dieting. Some common causes of sudden or unexpected weight loss include cancer, endocrine problems, and diabetes. You should pay attention to the scale, and schedule an appointment with a physician if you notice that the numbers are dropping without reason.

The only way to make sure that you are healthy is to be aware of these unexplained signs. You need to call your physician or visit the office when you realize any of these signs. The best way of protecting your health is by visiting physicians often for checkups and examination.

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