How to Work with Area Rugs in Your Home

Aside from the fact that rugs can instantly transform any space, they can also define and refine an aesthetic. They also serve as a focal and decorating point and soften the look and echoes in a room. If you’re looking to add more interest to your space, perhaps an area rug or two is all you need.

Below are some very easy and practical ideas to work in some rugs into your home:

  • To make a smaller room look bigger, try adding a rug with broad stripes in a color that will complement the space’s color palette. You can also consider repeating the color and pattern in your pillows for a high contrast statement.
  • What to showcase a rug that you’re in love with? Place it beneath a glass table so everyone can see the rug. If you can’t stand the idea of your precious carpet going on the floor, then consider hanging it up as an art piece over your bed, mantel, or another focal point in a room.
  • A rug with a geometric pattern combined with patterned or solid fabrics might seem contradictory and dizzying. But you need to pick the right design, and everything will come together beautifully.
  • Don’t be scared of using enormous patterns. A rug with huge patterns will work great with solid furniture fabrics and pillows with smaller patterns in a contrasting or complementing hue.
  • Go custom. Majority of wall-to-wall carpeting could actually be cut into smaller area rugs. The main benefit of having custom area rugs is that you could work around furniture and tricky architectural elements. You can likewise have their edges surged or banded with a contrasting or coordinating color. Ask your local carpet retailer in Utah for recommendations.  rolls of rug in different colors
  • Selecting the right rug size is very crucial. For instance, if you are purchasing one for your dining room, the rug should ideally have enough space for chairs to slide out and in without getting snagged.
  • Consider using an area rug that can pull double duty and help build a link between a room’s two functions. For instance, you can place a large area rug that spans an adjoining casual dining space and living room.
  • Don’t like bold and dramatic colors, prints, and patterns, but don’t like classic neutrals? Opt for a textured area rug instead. Textured rugs can easily add interest and dimension to any space just as boldly colored and heavily patterned carpets can.
  • When you are choosing a rug for your bedroom, make sure to calculate the size of your bedroom and your bed. Also, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to place the rug’s edge all the way underneath your bed.
  • You can also utilize area rugs for defining spaces and traffic lanes. Use runners to switch from space to space or to lend more interest to a room that’s excessively long or wide.

For all the benefits that area rugs can provide, remember that it could be challenging to get rid of stains. So consider this when choosing rugs, particularly if you have kids and pets. Other than that, you should have no problem using area rugs with all of the ideas provided above.

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