Deck the Walls: 3 Panel Designs to Brighten Your Space

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Giving a space character can be done in many ways. Homeowners looking to create a big impression may want to experiment with their walls by installing decorative wall panel of varying styles. This is perfect for those who want to transform major areas in the house without undergoing a full-blown renovation. Here are three classic and fitting wall panel designs that may reinvigorate your walls.

Board and batten

A unique mix of classic and simple elegance is the board and beaten wall panel. Style by Emily Henderson reported that the board and batten style remains one of the most traditional for a decorative wall panel. This style is usually employed on the exterior of homes, though the wide and narrow texture can look playful for the interior. Since it will be used for interiors, a good technique would be to use smaller and narrow boards to recreate the same look without doubling the resources. This is also a nice technique to save up on materials, especially if your interior designer knows how to style a space smartly but effectively.


Whether it’s for a modern look or a more rustic feel for the home’s interiors, the shiplap style for walls is an effective way of adding texture to a wide space. Shiplap has been inspired by the 18th-century house in Maryland. This style had been well-preserved in history and served as the renowned style for flat-backed siding. The interlocking joints on the edges of this surface was a big break from the usual clapboards at the time.
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The horizontal arrangement of the shiplap makes for a nice texturised wall. Add the potential whitewashed and uneven finishing for the boards, and this could create a nice countryside feel to the living room. Of course, the particular downside of this is that cleaning this type of wall panel may become tedious for those with a fast-paced lifestyle.

3D decorative wall panel

3D designs for wall panels have achieved a level of favouritism among homeowners because it gives more variety as far as textures and colours go. Installing this kind of wall panel is relatively low cost and requires moderate experience in installation, especially when the design and panels have already been created. Natural Handy Man reported that this wall panel could come in proprietary moulded plastic panels or paintable wood, depending on the manufacturer. Best of all, homeowners can create their designs, so they can set their interiors apart from other homes. Matching the colours of the main interiors of the will bring out the best of the 3D design and your whole living space in one go.

Finding the right style of the decorative wall panel for your space is a fun first step towards revamping a space in the home. It’s the perfect way to explore and inject your personality into your living space through simple details. The best way to do this is to know the theme you want your home to have and work forward from there.

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