A Look at Different Bi-Folding Interior Doors

door leading to the balony

The interior doors on your property serve both functional and aesthetic functions. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure the doors you choose meet both of these objectives. There are numerous materials, styles and installation options currently available for interior doors. The material options include wood, metal and glass. For most property owners, wood is the best choice for bedrooms while glass is generally used for shower doors. Metal doors are usually used in commercial settings.

The two main style options for internal doors in Australia are folding and sliding doors. Bi-folding doors feature open slide panels, which converge neatly together when closed and fold into two portions when open. Sliding doors move along a track mounted on the floor or frame to open. Bi-folding doors have lower maintenance needs and are more practical, safe and versatile compared to sliding doors. They will also fit almost all traditional and contemporary interior designs. Here are some of your bi-folding door options.

French Doors

These are sometimes called room dividers. French bi-fold doors are made of glass and generally used to separate two rooms. The glass lends a seamless transition to your interior space, making your rooms appear big. The doors are commonly used to separate living and dining rooms. You can include different decorative elements on the glass to match your decor.

Closet Doors

These are also called pantry doors since they are often used on pantries and closets though they can be used on all rooms.  Closet bi-fold doors are made of solid or hollow core wood panels, which are generally louvred. Some property owners are now opting for closet doors made of glass and wood. The wood forms a solid panel on the lower side while the upper side of the door is made of louvred glass panels.

wooden doorwayRaised Panel Doors

These doors comprise multiple sections of solid wood, thus creating a raised design. A router is then used to add different design details to the doors. Raised panel doors can be used on all interior rooms though some homeowners are now using them for closets. They are sturdy and also offer higher sound insulation compared to other bi-fold doors.

Flat Panel Doors

Unlike the raised panel bi-fold doors, the faces of these doors are flat and feature no design. Flat panel doors are also made of multiple solid wood sections making them incredibly strong. The doors are often used for closets and pantries and sometimes as room dividers.

One of the best-kept secrets of interior design is the above bi-folding doors. When buying these doors, you will come across two defining terms. These are ‘bottom-rolling’ and ‘top-hung’ doors. The terms refer to the form in which your doors’ weight is supported. Top-hung bi-fold doors have most of their operating mechanisms concealed in their frame head. Debris is less likely to accumulate in their tracks, and hence they have a smooth operation. Bottom-rolling bi-fold doors have their operating mechanisms on the floors and offer a stronger support system for your doors compared to top-hung doors.

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