Four Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair (or Replacement)

Plumber fixing the furnace

The heating system plays a vital role in keeping your home warm and comfortable. As with many home appliances though, the furnace may also break down at some point. Such situations call for a quick solution because your home’s comfort is at stake.

There are cases when furnace problems worsen and end up requiring costly repair or replacement. This is why it is essential to act immediately when there is something wrong with your heating system. Waiting for the latest possible time to go for repairs could result in expensive fixes at best, and an entire replacement at worst. The good thing is that there are early signs you can detect to know if your furnace needs repair. Here are some examples:

1. An unusually high energy bill

The first sign to watch out for is your expenses. If you notice an abnormal increase in your electric bill, you need to check your heater immediately. It can be a sign that the system is not in its proper working condition. It may be running at an efficiency level that is lower than before, forcing the machine to work extra hard, thereby resulting in higher bills.

2. Your furnace is turning 16 soon

Some heating problems arise when the systems are ignored for years. This is especially true with units that are sixteen years old and older. According to companies offering furnace repairs such as At Your Service, Plumbing, Heating & Air in Salt Lake City, the life expectancy of furnaces is between 16 and 20 years. When this is your case, you may have no choice but to get a new one. In many cases, the cost of getting a new one with all the latest features is cheaper than continually maintaining and repairing an aging unit.

3. Heat stays the same

Modern furnace panel being adjustedWhen the chill gets tougher, one quick solution is to turn up the heat. There are instances, however, when adjusting the thermostat won’t make a difference. This is another sign that something in your furnace may need some fixing. This problem is often associated with loose wiring and other electrical problems. If you suspect this to be the case, you can fix it yourself if you have the skills. If not, contact a professional to fix it for you.

4. Strange noises

Old and damaged furnaces also tend to make unusual noises. Noises created range from pops and bangs to strange squeals. They may be common sound effects in a horror or suspense flick, but these are among the sounds your home shouldn’t be making. In some cases, the blower also starts to create sound when they run excessively. When you hear these noises, call a technician right away to solve the problem.

Be alert and always keep an eye out for anything amiss. When any of these signs start to manifest, contact your local HVAC technician as soon as possible. Immediate response and fix won’t only save you from potentially worse problems and higher costs down the road, but will also ensure your home stays warm and cozy.

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